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Tomatillo Substitutes [Poblano Sauce And Paste Alternatives]

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Everyone seems to be a huge fan of Tomatillo also known as Mexican tomatoes. It’s a kind of green tomato often used as a substitute in Mexican salsa and other dishes. Tomatillo is often considered Mexican green tomato. But when we compare deeply they both differ a lot.

Tomatillos belong to the same family of tomatoes. But Tomatillos are quite famous due to their tart flavor. The tart flavor of Tomatillo makes it the main substitute for Mexican dishes such as Scopus, tacos, meat, and many other sauces. A famous Mexican dish Salsa Verde has Tomatillo as the main ingredient.

Going to market to find Tomatillos? Remember to find little pumpkin-like tomatoes in the grocery store. Don’t try to replace it because Tomatillos have their own strong acidic tart flavor. Due to this unique flavor, it’s hard to find a replacement for Tomatillos. But you know impossible says itself that “I m possible”.

Tomatillo Substitutes Poblano Sauce: Paste

In this post, I will share with you the 9 best substitutes you can replace to achieve the original taste of Tomatillos. You can use these 9 substitutes to turn your boring dishes into mouthwatering and tasty ones. Use the following ingredients and combinations to reach the exact tart taste of Tomatillo.

1.      Canned Tomatillos

If you cannot find fresh Tomatillos then the second option is to look for canned ones. Canned Tomatillos can be found in any supermarket. But you need to be careful while using canned Tomatillo Substitutes as they are pre-cooked.

Hence never try to overcook canned Tomatillos. Besides, canned Tomatillos are available in only two forms diced or crushed. You can use either form as there is no difference in the taste. But keep in mind that canned Tomatillos are a little bit sweeter than fresh ones. But you will get a rich taste of your salsa.

2.      Green Tomatoes

Another Tomatillos substitute you can use in your dishes to hype the taste. Green tomatoes are easily available in any superstore. But you need to pick up under-ripe green tomatoes to reach the original taste. In order to enjoy the unique Tomatillos taste, you can add a little amount of lime juice to green tomatoes.

3.      Gooseberries

You can replace the Tomatillos with gooseberries due to their native sour taste. The gooseberries have a unique sour and tart acidic flavor that helps to mimic the taste of original Tomatillos.

Gooseberries have a lot of health and nutrition benefits. If you want to enhance the taste of your salsa and make it taste similar to Tomatillos, then add some roasted green chilies too.

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4.      Green Bell Peppers

If you want to mimic the color and taste of Tomatillos in your recipes then you have another option green bell peppers. Green bell peppers can provide you with the same color and taste when combined with lime juice. Though, Tomatillos are a little bit sweeter than green bell peppers. But after adding lime juice, you can achieve the same flavor.

5.      Green Chilies

Another substitute that can replace the Tomatillos in Mexican dishes is the green bell pepper. You can use green chilies as the main ingredient and create the base of salsa. You can make green chilies-based salsa without using Tomatillos.

6.      Salsa Verde

You can either use red or green salsa Verde to replace Tomatillos in your recipes. You will find the green salsa a little bit minder in color than the red one. Hence you can substitute green salsa Verde in your dishes or even a combination of red and green. The tangy and zesty taste of salsa mimics the Tomatillos. You should add some roasted green peppers and onions to enhance the taste.

7.      Cherry Tomatoes

One of the best Tomatillos substitutes is cherry tomatoes. Their small size indicates their name and their size is responsible for the tart flavor. You have the choice to use either green or red cherry tomatoes.

Both will provide a similar taste even you can replace Tomatillo Substitutes with cherry tomatoes in other dishes. Never forget to add some lime juice to match the flavor.

8.      Red Chilies

With a sweet and smoky taste, red chilies can replace Tomatillos in your Mexican salsa. The color can be changed, you will get red-colored salsa but you can develop your recipes.

You can mimic the taste by using red chilies with some other ingredients. Mix ingredients but never use an excessive amount of red chilies. Because red chilies are a little bit spicier than green ones. Hence keep the ratios in control and measured.

9.      Roasted Green Peppers With Gooseberries

Last but not least you can combine roasted green peppers with gooseberries. The hot taste of green peppers and the tart flavor of gooseberries will combine to give the exact taste.

Use suitable amounts of peppers and gooseberries then blend them with other ingredients. You can make a perfect dish with these two Tomatillos substitutes.


Can We Replace Green Tomatoes With Tomatillos? 

Yes, you can replace green tomatoes to mimic the taste of Tomatillos. You can use green tomatoes in many dishes such as salsa, soups, and sauces. Green tomatoes have a similar zesty flavor and green color as the Tomatillos.

Can I Use Canned Tomatillos In Some Recipes? 

Yes, you can use either fresh or canned Tomatillos in your recipes. When you buy canned Tomatillos, you have two options diced or crushed. Both will provide the same flavor. Since they are pre-cooked, so be careful while cooking canned Tomatillos. Also, you need to drain canned Tomatillos before adding them to your dishes.

How To Find Canned Tomatillos In The Superstore? 

In order to find canned Tomatillos in your superstore, you should search the canned items section. In this section, you can easily find your canned Tomatillos. Canned Tomatillos are supposed to be available in most stores.

But in case you cannot find canned Tomatillos can either search for fresh ones. Fresh Tomatillos can be available in the green vegetable grocery store.

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