Best Anchovy Substitute

List of 9 Best Anchovy Substitute & Alternative Replacement

Fish is powerful and rich in protein, which has a tremendous taste. You can also find small fish in the stores which are known as anchovies.

There are different forms of these anchovies fishes in the market, but if you don’t find these fishes, then there are also anchovy substitutes that you can use.

The taste of anchovy is amazing and juicy which gives your dishes a completely outstanding smell. Keep in mind that these anchovy fishes are packed well in high-quality tins which mix with vinegar and oil.

However, there are several cultures especially in South Asia, because in this region the anchovy fish is very popular. So most of the stores in south Asia have also dry or fermented anchovies fish.

Also, there is another variation which you can buy with a special sauce of garlic and tomatoes. Just because of their punchy flavor, the use of anchovies is popular in many recipes to get a special and juicy taste in your recipes.

We outline some best anchovy substitutes which you can easily use and also they are available in every store. So let’s get into the further details!

Why Do You Need To Choose Anchovy Substitutes?

There is only one single reason to choose an alternative for the anchovy fish and it is only their non-availability in the stores.

But if you don’t find anchovy in any of your nearest stores, then don’t worry because we give you information about a few best anchovy substitutes.

These anchovy substitutes give you the same taste and texture just like you get in an anchovy. Moreover, the substitutes which we give you are also prepared in your home in a short period.

Nutritious Facts About Anchovies:

The anchovies are rich in vitamins, proteins, and other powerful minerals which make your body more stronger than before. Anchovies are basically silvery and small fish, which also have tiny hair bones.

The fresh anchovies have a mild flavor and also have a very satisfying fatty richness, which is almost similar to the taste of sardine.

Keep in mind that if you are buying anchovy tins that come in a specific amount of oil, then make sure to not add further salt.

Also, you don’t need to do anything hard because the head and tails have been removed when you buy anchovy which comes in a tin. Moreover, the most common and popular use of anchovy is paste.

Furthermore, a single portion of anchovy fillets includes 42 calories, 1.9 grams of fat, and 5.8 grams of protein. The amazing thing is that there is no kind of fiber, carbohydrates, and sugar included in the anchovy.

It means anchovies are an excellent and ideal source of zinc, iron, sodium, and calcium. However, the other best thing about anchovies is that they are an ideal source of omega-3 fats.

Most people use anchovies as a common ingredient in their dishes and also they serve them with vinegar marinade. There is no doubt that anchovies are delicious and healthy for your body and brain.

Anchovies Use:

It depends on your choice that how you want to use anchovies in your recipes. But generally, they are perfect for the salads such as caesar salad and other sauces for the dressing of salads.

Keep in mind that the taste of anchovies is pinchy and amazing, which you will want again and again in your daily life routine. Also, you can use anchovy as a paste in a tube or just as a fillet, as it completely depends on your choice.

The real question is there that what do you need to do when there are no anchovies available in your kitchen? Don’t worry because there are also the best alternatives that you can use at any time when you don’t have anchovies in your kitchen.

The below listed are the best substitutes that give you a similar taste and texture just like you get in the anchovies.

9 Best Anchovies Substitutes

If you want to know about the best anchovies alternatives, then the listed below are the great option for an anchovy substitute that can fit in all your recipes. 

1. Shrimp Paste

It is one of the most well-known and outstanding alternatives for anchovy fish. Also, it is widely used in Chinese cuisines and Southeastern Asian meals.

However, it is specially made from fermented ground shrimp which also needs salt to serve you the best substitute for the anchovy.

Moreover, keep in mind that the taste of shrimp paste gives you a stronger taste, so it is better to adjust the salt quantity according to your taste.

2. Worcestershire Sauce

It is another best and perfect substitute for anchovy. Worcestershire is a sauce that specially serves as an alternative to anchovies. Most people use this simple and amazing sauce, so you can also enjoy this sauce if you love to eat the paste.

Moreover, keep in mind the important thing that it is a fermented liquid that contains multiple ingredients to give you a perfect taste in your meal. You can find this sauce easily in your nearest store and the best substitute for anchovy.

3. Umeboshi Paste

Well, it is also the best alternative paste that you can use in the placement of anchovy. Basically, it is a Japanese cuisine-origin paste that gives you an amazing taste in your desired meal. Keep in mind that this substitute gives you a salty flavor that surely resembles the taste of anchovy.

However, Umeboshi paste is also known as the best paste for alternative anchovy by vegetarians and vegans. So if you want to get a perfect salad dressing that includes a taste of anchovy, then you can try this substitute paste for the anchovy.

4. Asian Fish Sauce

This is the sauce which can easily be reachable and available in all the stores. If you want to use the best and most similar taste of anchovy, then Asian fish sauce is the great alternative option for you.

It has a pungent taste which surely helps to give a perfect odor to your desired dish just like you are eating anchovy. Moreover, keep in mind that you can’t use this alternative for pizzas, but it will work great for stock, soups, stews, and Caesar salads.

5. Chopped Olives

If you are a vegan then this is the ideal substitute for the anchovy which you can use any time or in any green meal. The taste of this alternative has a sweet and fruity flavor, but you can add spices according to your desire.

Once you put spices into this alternative for the anchovy, then it will surely give you a better texture and great taste in any green meal.

Moreover, make sure to add only one tablespoon of this alternative as you take one tablespoon of anchovy paste in your desired meal.

However, the best use of this substitute is greatly used in salad dressings, also use in vegetables and other fish ingredients.

6. Seaweed

Undoubtedly, seaweed is also the best vegan option which you can use as a substitute for anchovy at any time in your green dish.

If you want to get the same flavor and texture just like anchovy gives you in your dishes, then seaweed is an amazing substitute for you.

Moreover, this substitute is the most favorite and also includes natural minerals which are better for you in many ways.

Also, keep in mind that this substitute has not any fats or calories, which means it’s a completely healthy product and the best alternative for anchovy.

7. Capers

It is another best substitute for the anchovy which is widely sold in vinegar and salt. Also, you will get a similar taste and texture to anchovy.

Moreover, the flavor of this substitute for the anchovy has a strong flavor and will surely fit in all your recipe. But make sure to use only half a tablespoon as you only take one tablespoon of anchovy paste in your desired recipe.

8. Miso

Undoubtedly, miso is another ideal substitute that you can use for the replacement of the anchovy in your desired dish. The great use of this substitute is that it can easily fit in all kinds of sauces, soups, and salad dressings.

But make sure to not boil this substitute for too long, otherwise, it will kill bacteria in miso and also reduce the overall health benefits which this substitute is known for.

9. Soya Sauce

Well, soya sauce is the most popular and common product which can be easily found in any store. But did you know, that soya sauce is a great substitute product for the replacement for anchovies?

There are multiple sources of proteins that are included in this substitute and have better health benefits for your body too. Moreover, this substitute is also best for heart or blood pressure problems.

This is because it can reduce overall body problems if you take a specific amount from this substitute in your dish.

What Is The Importance Of Anchovy?

The main importance of anchovy is that they can easily be substituted for each other, just like the above-listed alternatives.

Also, if you have fillets but you don’t have any paste with you then you can easily use them to alternative one another without any problem.

Moreover, keep in mind that if you want to replace any anchovy paste with a specific fillet, then make sure to use only half a teaspoon of anchovy paste in only one filet. However, also you need to keep adjusting the liquid and salt according to your wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Eat Anchovies Directly From The Tin?

Ans. Yes, there is nothing wrong if you want to eat anchovy directly from the tin. It is because the anchovy has been put in the tin with a specific amount of oil and salt in it, so there will be no issue if you take the directly anchovy from the tin.

Q. Can Sardines Be The Best In The Replacement Of Anchovies?

Ans. No, the flavor and texture of the anchovies and sardines are completely different from each other. The anchovies have a salty flavor and the sardines do have not any kind of salty flavor.

Moreover, you can use anchovies instead of sardines easily.

Closing Thoughts

Anchovies are the most common and popular fish paste which is widely used in the South Asian region. But if you don’t have anchovies in your kitchen, then the above-listed are the ideal and best substitutes for anchovies.

Keep in mind that you need to add just one tablespoon to half a tablespoon of the above-listed substitutes for the anchovies in your desired dish.

Also, it is necessary to keep an eye on the amount of liquid and salt while using the above-listed alternatives.

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