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Substitute For Diced Tomatoes With Basil Garlic

Substitute for diced tomatoes With Basil Garlic And Oregano In Curry with green chilies stuffed peppers meatloaf sauce in jambalaya soup.

Tomato is a natural fruit that belongs to the native family of South America. Tomatoes have a place in every recipe because of their sweet, tart, tangy, or balanced taste. It provides a wonderful flavor and makes the meal flavorful.

You can add diced tomatoes in sauces, wraps or sandwiches, and salsas. Moreover, tomatoes also come with wonderful health benefits such as it helps to protect against cancer, providing support to maintain healthy blood pressure, and also can reduce blood sugar/glucose in people with diabetes.

Tomatoes are a wonderful source of Vitamin K, folate, potassium, and Vitamin C, etc. It has a lot of healthy nutrients such as calories, protein, water, carbs, sugar, fiber, and fat. It has vitamins and minerals that protect it from many diseases.

You can make your favorite dishes tasty with the addition of diced tomatoes. But if you haven’t diced tomatoes and you want to enjoy the same taste. Then you should find a Substitute For Diced Tomatoes which can provide you with the same taste in your meal that you want. Today we are going to discuss the best substitute that can better replace diced tomatoes.

Uses Of Diced Tomatoes In Stuffed Peppers

Diced or Chopped tomatoes mean they cut tomatoes are cut in a completely balanced shape. Tomatoes are popular in almost the mid-90s and they have been utilized in numerous recipes ever before. Hence, chopped tomatoes are usually used in Italian-American cooking.

Even if you don’t like to purchase them in cans, you can dice them at home as well. It’s extremely comfortable and suitable, even more, useful than those you purchase in the supermarket.

There are numerous kinds of dishes that use chopped tomatoes as one of their major components in the sauces. These are as follows:

  • You can use diced tomatoes for making sauces.
  • Similarly, you can use diced tomatoes to make pizza. Hence, you have no need to use ketchup or other pizza sauces.
  • You can make the salsa by using diced tomatoes. The salsa recipe is very easy and simple as just you can put diced tomatoes in the blender with jalapeños, red onion, cilantro, garlic, and lime juice.
  • You can make mac and cheese by using diced tomatoes.
  • Also, you can enjoy delicious soup by adding diced tomatoes.

Best Substitute For Diced Tomatoes In Jambalaya With Green Chilies

In the cooking department, many recipes use tomatoes for their wonderful flavor and juice. The diced tomatoes make every food delicious+juicy and so tasty. You can prepare your meal with diced tomatoes but if you haven’t diced tomatoes in your kitchen, then you can use its alternative.

Many substitutes for diced tomatoes such as fresh tomatoes, tomato puree, peeled tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, tomato juice, and also tomato paste. All these alternatives can fulfill the lack of diced tomatoes, and you can enjoy the same taste as you like. Let’s explain all these diced tomatoes substituted with their uses and health benefits.

1: Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes

As you know fresh vegetables are juicy and healthy for you in many ways. If you can’t find diced tomatoes in your kitchen or fridge, then you can use two cups of tomatoes that are chopped properly. It will give you a pleasant smell in your recipes as well it gives a decent taste to your dish.

But in this case, you take fresh tomatoes and then chop them until you get juice. This is the healthy and best substitute for diced tomatoes. Without any hesitation, you also can use Roma and San Marzano types of fresh tomatoes. It will only give you benefits and there is no single harm while using it in your recipes.

Use Of This Substitute?

You just need to take the same quantity of fresh tomatoes as you take diced tomatoes in your cooking.

2. Whole Peeled Tomatoes

If you don’t find diced tomatoes on your kitchen shelf then these whole-peeled tomatoes are the best and unique replacement for diced tomatoes. All you need to just take one piece of tomato and make a cut through it, just take a quarter piece of the tomato.

Then you need to remove all the seeds from it and make sure there are no cores in it. You can finish this process by dicing the tomatoes. As you know, that juice is really important so you need to add tomatoes and their juice as well in your related recipe.

If you have enough time, then you can put the whole mixture of the tomatoes and the juice in the saucepan. Then boil the saucepan for some time in low flame heat until you get ticker juices.

Use Of This Substitute?

You can take the same quantity of these tomatoes as you take the quantity of diced tomatoes. While making pasta, meat, and some other kind of sauce, you can use this substitute because it will not change the texture and flavor of your recipe.

3. Puree Of Tomato

Tomato Puree Substitutes

Keep in mind to take an equal quantity of tomato puree as you used diced tomatoes. Also, you need to put tomato puree in your recipe at the first. It is because tomato puree takes a much longer time to better cook. More time in cooking the tomato puree will give more taste and texture to your recipe.

Use Of This Substitute?

Salt and sugar are not added to the diced tomatoes, so you need to be careful while choosing tomato puree as a substitute. Soup, stew, and chili are the main recipe that uses tomato puree as a core ingredient in it.

4. Tomato Paste


Tomato paste is actually a basic mixture of tomato puree and diced tomatoes. Tomatoes that are fully cooked and have a dense texture of the paste are the best substitute for diced tomatoes. You can buy this substitute from your nearest market because it is easily available for you at any time. The taste of tomato paste is meaty and concentrated.

Use Of This Substitute?

This substitute is basically used to thicken your desired sauces. Also, you can take this substitute while preparing marinara. You will surely get the taste according to your wish.

5. Fresh Juice Of Tomato

You just need to put all the tomatoes in the blender and after blending for a while, you will get tasty tomato juice. You should need to blend the tomatoes until you get a smooth texture. If you want to remove the pulp and seeds from the tomatoes then it totally depends on you.

Use Of This Substitute?

There is a variety of recipes where you can use this substitute like meat, fish, or poultry. You can use this tomato juice while preparing stews or braise meat. Instead of adding water to the recipe, you can take this substitute. While using tomato juice in your recipes, will give your soft and tasty meat on your table.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Which Substitute Can Better Replace Diced Tomatoes?

All 5 substitutes are best and can replace diced tomatoes in a better way but tomato juice is my favorite element to prepare a tasty meal.

2.      Can I Eat Raw Tomatoes?

No, you can’t eat a raw tomato because cooked tomato will benefit you instead of raw tomato. Cooked tomato enhances the taste of every meal and you will enjoy your food.

3.      Can I Alternate Peeled Tomatoes For Diced Tomatoes?

Yes, you have a fantastic choice to use peeled tomatoes instead of diced tomatoes in your recipe and prepare a tasty meal.


If you like to replace diced tomatoes with another element, which can provide you with the same taste as you desire. So, you have various options/choices to make a flavorful meal in your kitchen.

If you don’t know those options, then don’t worry because here we explained the best Substitute For Diced Tomatoes that can better replace them. So, you can choose any of these 5 substitutes and can add them to your recipes easily.

The same amount of other elements will be enough to make a tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner. All the uses of tomatoes and their health benefits are also explained very well.

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