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 Accepting user’s acceptance and conditions

PreRecipe (“We” or “We”) referenced or submitting to you all terms, conditions, and notes, the user who directs your contract, you have the PreRecipe site and the same Provides services (collectively, “site”) and (“Terms of Use”), as well as any other written exchange between us and you. In addition, when using special services or equipment on this site, any deployment laws related to such services or things will be directed to the users, which may include these terms and conditions in the use of these terms. All such instructions or rules are included in such terms of use.

  1. Description of Services

We may have different services on this website, but can not be explained about the Middle East and West Technical News, and other similar services. All devices are required to use services on your own cost, including your network, modem, and Internet access (including all fees for payment). Do we have the sole right to edit or close the site at any time, with any features of the site with you or at any time? We will not be responsible for you or use any such right to any third party. Any new feature that enhances or extends existing services in this new site will also be subject to the terms of use.

  1. Conduct on Site

Your use of the site is subject to all relevant laws and regulations, and you are solely responsible for your information through the site. Chat room, news board, newsgroup, software building, or any other interactive help that you are able to open on or through this site by posting data or using any data service. The agreement agrees that you will not upload, share, post, or until you promote or promote any content delivery – including text, communication, software, photos, sounds, data, or other Including data –

  1. (Including violence or threatening nature, including illegal, unsecured, abusive, harassment, abusive, neutral, misleading, secrecy of anyone else, serious condemnation, obviously clear or clear information or sexual acts Is not limited to sex language, is directed to another person or group of groups), or otherwise to break our laws or policies;
  2. Tricks, charges, degrades, or warns an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, sex, sexual bearings, race, ethnicity, age, or disability;
  3. infringes on any patent, brand, trade secret, copyright, a right of currency, or another exclusive right of any party;
  4. constitutes illegal or offered advertising, junk or bulk email (also known as “spamming”), chain lines, any other form of unauthorized solicitation, or any form of lottery or gaming;
  5. Software infections or any other machine code, files or applications that prevent or harm any software, device, or telecommunications facilities or damage any data or other data or To obtain illegal access, any third party;
  6. portrays any person or entity, including any of our agents or agents.
  7. Third Party Sites and Information

This site may be included with you on other sites on the Internet or otherwise, may contain indicators in information, reports, software, metals and/or services stored by other parties. These sites may include data or content that some people may find inaccurate or aggressively. These sites and men are not under our power, and you see that we are not bound to any other aspect of the truth, copyright acknowledgment, legality, authenticity, or content of such sites, nor We are responsible for the errors or requirements. Any other books or any book for their products and services. Such a link or reference may be provided as a means of reference and with the site, party or any kind of guarantee,

  1. Intellectual Property Information

Copyright (c) March 20, 2012 RedStoneLife’s rights are protected. For these Terms of Use, “Content” is described as any data, data, information, software, photos, videos, graphics, music, sounds, and other materials and to our users on the site Can be seen from It includes message boards, chat, and other unique content.

  1. Contact Information
    If you notice that any user is violating these Terms of Use, please Contact us at [email protected]

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