Best Banana Substitutes

Best Banana Substitutes Pancakes, Bread, Smoothies and Baking

Welcome to this article, We are going to guide you about that Best Banana Substitutes Pancakes, Bread, Smoothies and Baking alternative.

Banana is a natural fruit and the most popular in the entire world. Banana is everyone’s favorite fruit because its texture is soft, the flavor is sweet, and it comes with many health benefits.

Banana can be used in many recipes like smoothies, baking, etc. People like to drink a very healthy banana shake. Banana’s has healthy nutrients of vitamin C, calories, potassium, carbs, fiber, vitamin B6, sugar, and a lot of phytonutrients and antioxidants, etc. Banana is helpful to low blood pressure and also can prevent cancer.

Banana helps to reduce the risks of asthma, heart health, and diabetes in human bodies. It comes in different sizes and the banana’s color ranges from green to yellow. In some areas, banana has some varieties of red. 

Substitutes For Banana Liqueur

As we know that banana is the soul of the kitchen and can be used in several recipes such as ice creams, shakes, smoothies, baking goods like biscuits, cakes, muffins, toasts, etc. But how will you react when you do not find a banana in your kitchen.

You cannot ruin your own cooking plan and also wants to bake mouthwatering recipes. Hence, you need to find substitutes for bananas and make a healthy meal. In today’s topic, we will discuss the Best Banana Substitutes and also will discuss the health benefits of all alternatives. 

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9 Best Banana Substitutes 

There are 9 best substitutes for the banana that can be used in several dishes such as Plantains, Apple Sauce, Avocado, Mashed Cooked Potato, Greek Yogurt, Chia Seeds, Pineapple, Mango, Sweet Potato, Soaked Cashews, Coconut Cream, and Strawberry, etc.

Some alternates are useful in baking recipes whereas some alternates can be used in juice or shake. Let’s discuss all the banana substitutes in detail and learn about their healthy nutrients. 

1: Apple Sauce 

Apple sauce is our first alternate for bananas and it comes with a lot of healthy nutrients. Apple sauce is made with apple and its flavor is sweet, slightly tart. Its ingredients are apple, sugar, and spices like allspice and cinnamon. Its texture is thick and it can easily alternate bananas in many recipes.

You can use apple sauce in several ways such as you can use it in cake baking, bread, sauces, muffins, and also can use it for dressings. As apple sauce is made with apple that is natural fruit and comes with a lot of healthy nutrients, vitamins, etc.

Apple sauce contains antioxidants that may help to decrease risks of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. So, all health benefits are the same as banana health benefits. It means that you can easily replace bananas and use apple sauce in all the dishes.

A small amount of apple sauce is enough for any recipe. Its 1/2 cup is equal to one banana but you need to avoid the extra addition of apple sauce because of its wet and thick texture. 

2: Avocado 

Our second-best substitute for banana is avocado because it has mild flavor, creamy and soft texture. Avocado is a natural fruit and can be used in several recipes such as desserts, milkshakes, soups, salads, dips, and spreads, etc. You can use avocado instead of banana as an alternate in several recipes such as muffins, baked goods, and smoothies. 

Avocado comes with a lot of nutrients such as vitamin C, calories, vitamin E, vitamin B6, fiber, healthy fats, potassium, folate, and magnesium, etc.

It improves the digestion system, reduces the risks of depression, and prevents cancer. Moreover, avocado is great for vision, healthy and beneficial for the heart, gut, and also protects from chronic diseases. 

3: Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potato is a wonderful substitute for banana and it comes with a lot of health benefits. Sweet potatoes are mildly sweet in flavor and you can use them in several ways.

So, you can fry sweet potato, boil it, and also you can bake it. Moreover, you can use sweet potato for pasta, roast, and soup. Its texture is as soft, smooth, and thick as a banana. 

Sweet potatoes come with several nutrients, minerals, vitamins, calories, protein, carbs, fiber, and also fat. Sweet potato helps to reduce blood sugar regulation in the human body. It may reduce the cancer risk, promote gut health, support your immune system, etc. 

4: Greek Yogurt 

Greek Yogurt is another alternate for bananas and it can replace bananas easily. They both do have not the same taste but you can use Greek yogurt in several recipes instead of banana.

Greek yogurt has a thicker and creamy texture which can use in smoothies, sauces, dressings, dips, marinades, etc. If you do have not any bananas in your kitchen and you want to enjoy your meal with flavorful recipes. Then you can use Greek Yogurt for sour and tart flavor. 

Greek yogurt comes with health benefits and nutrients such as calories, protein, carbs, fat, vitamin B12, vitamin A, potassium, etc. Hence, it may help to prevent chronic diseases, improve gut health, support muscles, improve bone health, boost metabolism, help to low blood pressure levels, and reduce the risks of diabetes, etc.

5: Chia Seeds 

In best banana substitutes, we have Chia Seeds as an alternate which can replace the banana in many dishes. Chia seeds have a crunchy texture and also a mild nutty flavor. These seeds can be used in various recipes such as smoothies, salads, baked goods, protein bars, drinks, puddings, etc.

Its taste is not the same as a banana but Chia seeds come with the same nutrients such as protein, calories, calcium, carbs, fiber, iron, vitamin B1, B3, etc.

It may help to increase the cholesterol in the human body and may reduce the blood sugar level. Similarly, Chia seeds help to reduce heart diseases and help to lose weight quickly. 

6: Pineapple 

Pineapple is the best banana substitute which can replace the banana very well. Pineapple is a natural fruit and can be used as a vegetable because it can be used in several recipes. You can use it in baked goods, cakes, salads, fruit chaat, juice, shakes, desserts, smoothies, and sauces, etc.

Pineapple comes with the same nutrients as banana and it’s rich in antioxidants, carbs, iron, calcium, vitamin C, protein, fiber, calories, and fat, etc.

Thus, it has a lot of health benefits such as it supports the digestive system, helps to reduce the risks of cancer, boosting the immune system, and helps to prevent chronic diseases. Pineapple powder can also be used as a flavor in many recipes. 

7: Mango 

Mango is a very popular fruit and everyone’s favorite. It has a wonderful fresh sweet taste which makes everyone happy. Mango is a fantastic substitute for banana and can be used in many drinks, juices, shakes, and also you can add its flavor in many recipes. Its texture is very soft, thick and can be used in desserts, smoothies, custard, dressings, cakes, and other baking goods.

Mango is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, B-6, calories, fiber, sugar, protein, potassium, etc. It prevents you from many diseases, helps to prevent diabetes, boosts the immune system, supports heart health, may improve the digestive and eye health, may low cancer risks, etc. You can easily replace mango with banana and enjoy mouth-watering recipes. 

8: Soaked Cashews 

Socked Cashews is another wonderful substitute for a banana because it comes with a thick and creamy texture as same as a banana. Soaked Cashews can be used in several recipes such as lettuce wraps, baking goods, sauces, pasta, salads, dressings, soup, and butter, etc. Its taste is nutty and can replace bananas easily. 

Moreover, Socked Cashew has the same nutrients as bananas such as vitamins, calories, fiber, carbs, fat, protein, iron, sugar, and calcium, etc. Thus, it may help to reduce the cholesterol level, reduce the risk of heart attack, may improve bone health, help to gain weight, etc. You can use it instead of banana and enjoy your meal without any risk. 

9: Coconut Cream 

Coconut cream is made with coconut that is a natural fruit and considered in dry fruits. Coconut has a lot of health benefits because it is rich in nutrients such as calories, carbs, vitamins, fat, protein, and sugar, etc. Coconut cream may benefit your heart health and also promote blood sugar control. 

It can be used for water, milk, oil, and also for tasty meat. Coconut cream can be used in several recipes such as smoothies, baking goods, tart, chicken curry, rice, butter fudge, sauces, salads, and desserts, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which fruit can better replace bananas? 

All the substitutes for banana are best and can better replace it in many dishes. These all provide the same texture as bananas and some fruits are the same in taste, uses, nutrients, and health benefits. 

What is the best banana substitute for baking? 

All 9 substitutes can be used for baking goods but Apple sauce, Greek Yogurt, Chia seeds, and Coconut cream are excellent for baking. 

Can we use egg instead of the banana? 

Yes, of course, the egg can replace banana and you can use it in many recipes. Moreover, the egg has a lot of healthy nutrients which are helpful for everyone. 


Best Banana Substitutes are explained in the above section and you can now easily use anyone in your dishes. You have a lot of options to choose other fruits instead of bananas and enjoy tasty, creamy, sweet, recipes. You can bake several goods by using creamy, tasteful, and soft ingredients that can enhance the flavor of your meal. You can drink pineapple, avocado, mango, and coconut juices instead of banana shakes. The healthy nutrients can also prevent you from many diseases and you can enjoy a happy healthy life

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