7 Best Corn Flour Substitute | Cornstarch | How To Use?

Before moving to the 7 Best Corn Flour Substitute | Cornstarch | How to Use? In Manchurian pavlova. What is corn flour? Or what are its uses? Many more questions will be covered in this article. So, stay tuned and get more knowledge about corn flour.

What Is Corn Flour?

Corn flour is actually gained from corn. Corn flour is simply finely-milled flour and it is very popular around the entire world. This flour is made from dried corn kernels as same as wheat flour is dried from wheat kernels.

Corn flour cooks in every kitchen and can be used in many recipes. Moreover, corn flour contains a wealth of nutrients. It has Fiber, protein, minerals, starch, and vitamins that provide the way of healthy food.

Uses Of Corn Flour

Corn flour is used in many recipes and it fulfills many lacks of flour, but the main uses are as follows:

  1. It is usually used in cooking, baking, and grilling. But there is a complete process to use it.
  2. You can use corn flour to coat the fish and then fry it. You can enjoy its hard crust and the taste will be amazing.
  3. Corn flour is used to cook chicken pieces and you will enjoy its taste.
  4. The simple is that you can use corn flour to cook binding dishes such as puddings.
  5. Moreover, it can be used as a thickening agent that will be suitable for sauces, soups, stews, and other similar recipes.

7 Best Corn Flour Substitutes For Soup And Frying

The expert can find many ideas and explore a lot of uses for a single item. Similarly, food lovers and cooks also find some substitutes for cornflour that may look similar but the taste and benefits will be different.

More is that the uses and baking process will be different. But the Corn Flour Substitute helps you to make your meal healthy, tasty, and flavorful. You can not skip any recipe because the ideas are just amazing and also fulfill your needs. In this way, you can improve your cooking skill and gain knowledge about cornflour and its substitutes.

You have the 7 best Corn Flour Substitute that can easily replace it and provides a better taste. These are such as Cornstarch, Potato Flour, Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour, Arrowroot, Wheat Flour, and Ground Flax seeds.

These all substitutes are best for everyone and also provide more vitamins, nutrients, fiber, minerals, protein, etc than cornflour. Now we are describing each flour in detail with its uses and cooking method.

1. Cornstarch


Cornstarch is the first and best Corn Flour Substitute. It is also gained from corn but these are different by color. Both are thickening agents and are also made from corn, but the cooking method, uses, nutrient profile, gluten content, and flavor differ them clearly.

Cornflour is yellow in color whereas cornstarch is white and this color difference makes them different. If you do have not any cornflour and you want to give a touch of corn to your meal, then you have a good choice to use cornstarch.

Moreover, the taste of cornstarch is very delicious and everyone likes it. After the use of cornstarch, you will permanently remove cornflour from your kitchen. Because it is free of fiber, fat, and protein. Many people want such an item which fulfills their needs as well.

2. Potato Flour

Potato Flour

Potato flour is our second substitute for corn flour. You can replace it easily to make your food healthy, flavorful, and crispy. It is used for smooth gelatinous gravies and sauces. So, you can bake sweet rolls made with potato flour. It provides the desirable earthy flavor and crispy crust.

The potato powder is made from whole, peeled, dehydrated potatoes that can be added to the recipe and makes your meal delicious. If you are out of cornflour but really want to bake a crispy and tasty sandwich, then use the potato flour and enjoy it in your lunch.

Potato flour attracts water, and also it produces moist yeast bread with an amazing shelf life. You can use this special flour as a thickener for smoother sauces, soups, gravies, pie fillings, and stews. Mostly, its use is beneficial in gluten-free cooking.

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3. Rice Flour

Rice Flour

Rice flour is considered a high-fiber diet. It has calcium and is also rich in nutrients that help to maintain bone and skeletal health. Moreover, rice flour can also improve cardiovascular health which may not improve by cornflour.

Rice flour can manage blood sugar levels in the body and also, and also it regularizes bowel movement as well. It means that rice flour provides an excellent source of fiber. Thus, it improves the digestive health of the body. More is that it helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the human body.

In this way, it is the best substitute for cornflour because it has a lot of uses and benefits that make the human body strong. It reduces all diseases and provides a healthy life for everyone. You can use it as a single dish and also use it for a neutral flavor. You can make rice flour at your home. The process is really simple and cool for everyone.

4. Tapioca Flour

Tapioca Flour

Tapioca Flour is a gluten-free diet and a wonderful cornflour substitute. It replaces cornflour because it has a lot of benefits than cornflour. You have to use this special flour in your daily routine to live a healthy life. It makes your meal beneficial for you because it has calcium that keeps your bones strong.

Tapioca Flour also contains iron which works as an essential mineral. Moreover, it is free of saturated fat that controls and reduces heart diseases. It also controls diabetes and provides nutrition. It has no fat, protein, fiber, or sugar. You can use Tapioca Flour in bread recipes. It provides a good taste to your meal.

5. Wheat Flour

Wheat Flour

Wheat Flour has endless uses and it is also the best substitute for corn flour. This is the only flour that is used the most in the meal. There are a lot of uses for wheat flour but it is mostly used in bread. It is a high-gluten item and you can use it well. You can use wheat flour to bake flavorful bread and cakes, and also use it to bake cookies and other goods.

There are three types of wheat flour such as Triticum aestivum, Triticum durum, and Triticum compactum.

Common wheat (Triticum aestivum): This type of wheat is used to make bread and it has worldwide production.

Durum wheat (Triticum durum): You can use this type of wheat for pasta and couscous.

Club wheat (Triticum compactum): You can use it in pastries.

6. Arrowroot

Arrow root

Arrowroot is also considered in cornflour substitutes. Arrowroot is like other normal plants and but it is rich in starch. Not only is arrowroot used in starch but also in its roots are extensively used. This is best alternatively use for medicine. The best and most popular use of arrowroot is a disorder of the intestine that cause stomach issue and other issues like diarrhea, intestinal disorders, and painful gums. It is a common ingredient for cooking. Besides this, you can also use arrowroot to replace other cheaper starches.

There are a lot more benefits of using arrowroot like it nourishes hair, and arrowroot powder makes thickens your hair, to soft and dense. The other benefit is important for everyone because it enhances your metabolism. Arrowroot contains lots of vitamin B complex and gives your body a healthy shape.

7. Ground Flax Seeds

Ground Flax seeds

Ground Flaxseeds are also a cornflour substitute. Flax seeds are loaded with nutrients. It has calories, protein, carbs, fiber, vitamins, calcium, iron, and potassium. All the nutrients and vitamins help to improve the human body’s health. A lot of benefits are such as it has a rich source of Lignans which reduces the cancer risks.

Moreover, it helps to control heart disease and stroke, and also helps to reduce diabetes. You can use it for cholesterol levels in your body. It also helps to control blood pressure. Many more benefits of ground flax seeds, so you need to replace the cornflour and add it to your meal. You can grand the seeds well at your home and make delicious food items with them. It can be used to bake cookies, muffins, and bread.

Related Questions

1. Is it Possible To Combine Corn Flour With Other Flour?

Yes, you can combine it with other flours without any issue. All gluten-free flour comes with a lot of benefits. These flours reduce all your diseases and make your body healthy.

2. Which Cornflour Substitute Is The Best?

The 7 best cornflour substitutes are described above. Hence, you have a lot of options to try once in your meal and bake your favorite dishes at home. In this way, you can choose corn starch, wheat flour, and rice flour. These are the best substitutes for others. Whereas other flours like Arrowroot, Tapioca Flour, and Ground Flax seeds are also best for their uses.

3. What Can I Use If I Don’t Have Cornstarch?

If you do have not cornstarch, then you have the option of tapioca flour. So, you can use this flour to make your dish flavorful, and healthy, and keeps you strong with amazing food.


All is that the cornflour substitutes give better competition and enhance your taste, knowledge, and make you healthy. If you do have not cornflour and you want an east tasty meal, then move to its substitutes. 7 best substitutes are described with benefits and uses.

It means that you have a lot of options to replace cornflour and change your taste. You can add anyone flour and makes a tasty sandwich, stews, soups, and other dishes. If you have not tried these flours in your recipes, then try them once. You have a good chance to enjoy crispy and mouthwatering dishes for your lunch and dinner.

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