Substitutes For Chickpea Flour

Substitutes For Chickpea Flour [In Seitan Falafel Pancakes]

Welcome to this article, We are going to guide you about the Substitutes For Chickpea Flour In Seitan Falafel Pancakes Garbanzo Bean.

Chickpea Flour belongs to a plant family and it is made of Chickpea. It is actually a flour of Chickpea seeds and is considered a vegetable. People love to cook chickpeas in their breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.

It has an awesome taste and you can use Chickpea or Chickpea flour in many recipes. Such as you can add Chickpea in soup, curry, salmon, pasta, falafel or salad recipes, patties, nuggets, veggies, etc. Moreover, you can use Chickpea flour to make snacks, waffles, veggie burgers, hummus, stews, pancakes, etc. 

Chickpea is a great source of healthy and beneficial nutrients such as calories, carbs, fiber, calcium, iron, fat, magnesium, protein, etc.

Hence, it provides wonderful health benefits such as Chickpea help to prevent constipation, promote weight control, helps to control blood sugar, etc.

Moreover, it has the wonderful properties to prevent all chronic diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, and also promote brain health. 

If you have no knowledge about chickpea flour’s taste, uses, benefits, or nutrients, then do follow us and try to consider any chickpea dish in your meal. Because chickpea is healthy food and provides so many benefits.

This informative content is especially for those people who want to replace Chickpea flour and wondering about the Best Substitutes for Chickpea Flour. Let’s check out which ingredients can replace chickpeas and how they compete with them. Stay connected!

Wonderful Substitutes For Chickpea Flour Garbanzo Bean

Chickpea flour is a natural ingredient and can be used in so many recipes. But we have the best substitutes for chickpea flour such as cassava flour, quinoa flour, amaranth flour, oat flour, etc.

Many more ingredients can also replace chickpea flour like seitan flour, millet flour, almond flour, buckwheat flour, spelled flour, wheat flour, etc.

So, we need to discuss how these substitutes are best than chickpeas and what their uses are in the food department. So, let’s take a look. 

1: Wheat Flour 


Wheat Flour is our first best substitute for chickpea flour and it is a wonderful ingredient. Wheat Flour is produced with wheat seeds and it is a natural item that is usually used in several recipes.

The grinding procedure is applied with Wheat grains to get the Wheat flour. You can use wheat flour to make all baked goods, cookies, cakes, bread, pancakes, and many more items. Also, you can use wheat flour for coating like cutlets, fried chicken, etc. 

Wheat flour can also help to thick sauces and is a main ingredient of pasta. It has a nutty flavor and provides a firmer texture to your recipes.

More is that wheat flour is a fabulous source of healthy nutrients like minerals, fiber, protein, calcium, carbs, etc. It is rich in folate, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, etc.

Hence, wheat flour may cause many health benefits such as it to provide energy to the human body, helping to control weight, and also prevent from many diseases. So, you can use wheat flour in any recipe instead of chickpea flour. 

2: Quinoa Flour 

Quinoa flour is our second most amazing alternative for chickpea flour and it is made of Quinoa seeds. It is usually used in baked goods like a pizza base, pancakes, pie crusts, muffins, etc.

It can also be used to make gluten-free bread and other bakery items. Quinoa is an amazing ingredient to make salads, thicken sauces and soups, etc.

It provides a very bold flavor and people love to add it to their recipes. It is also a natural plant-based item that may fulfill the lack of chickpea flour. 

Moreover, Quinoa flour is rich in nutrients like fat, potassium, calories, carbs, protein, iron, fiber, etc. Also, Quinoa has antioxidant properties that control many chronic diseases.

Also, it provides many health benefits such as it may help to control blood sugar, lowering the risks of diabetes, preventing cancer, etc. So, if you do not have chickpea flour, then you can easily use Quinoa flour to make delicious recipes. 

3: Amaranth Flour 

Another best alternative for chickpea flour is Amaranth Flour and you can easily use it in several recipes. Amaranth Flour is produced from Amaranth seeds that belong to the plant family.

If you want to thicken your soups, sauces, gravy curry, and stews, then you can easily use Amaranth Flour instead of chickpea flour. It provides a wonderful texture to gravies, and salads, and is also suitable for bread, pasta, etc. 

Moreover, Amaranth Flour is a high source of fat, iron, calories, sodium, calcium, fiber, Vitamin C, and protein. Thus, it repairs muscle tissues, prevents Celiac disease, lowers cholesterol, also can reduce inflammation, etc. So, if you are out of chickpea flour then you should add Amaranth Flour to your recipes. 

4: Oat Flour 

Oat Flour also can beat chickpea flour because of its amazing uses, nutrients, and flavor. You can use Oat Flour in many recipes such as fruit crumbles, pancakes, muffins, crisps, and waffles, instead of chickpea flour.

This special flour is made of Oats and the griding procedure is applied. Oat Flour is the best ingredient that can replace chickpea flour, all-purpose flour, etc. You can make Oat Flour at home and can store it to use in the future. 

Moreover, Oat Flour is a great source of protein, carbs, fat, calories, and sodium. Hence, it provides many health benefits such as it helps to lower cholesterol levels in the human body, helping to prevent diabetes and also helping to control blood pressure, etc. So, if you want to replace chickpea flour in your recipes, then consider Oat Flour which is the best ingredient. 

5: Seitan Flour 

Another wonderful substitute for chickpea flour is Seitan Flour and which is produced from wheat gluten flour. You can use Seitan Flour in several recipes such as steaks, gyros, stews, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, sausages, pepperoni, schnitzel, curries, goulash, etc.

It can replace meat in every dish and you can use it for better texture, and taste, and make your meal healthy. Moreover, it is high in protein, minerals, selenium, iron, and a suitable diet for you. The fact of Seitan Flour is that it is low in carbs, fat, fiber, etc.

6: Spelt Flour 

Spelt Flour is another best alternative for chickpea flour and it comes from wheat flour. Spelled is actually a special type of wheat and the spelled flour is made of entire grains such as endosperm, bran, germ, etc.

You can use Spelt Flour to bake goods like bread, muffins, etc. Also, it is usually used to cook spelled berries, risotto, pasta, rice, etc. 

If you are going to make rice salad then you have the best choice to add Spelt Flour for better taste and texture. Spelled Flour is a high source of fiber, carbs, calories, phosphorous, niacin, zinc, iron, etc.

Thus, you can add this amazing ingredient to your recipes to prevent many chronic diseases. But Spelt Flour is harmful to some people, so do not use it in your daily routine. 

7: Millet Flour 

Another best alternative for chickpea flour is Millet flour. You can use it because of its better texture, taste, and health benefits instead of chickpea flour. Millet flour is produced from Millet seeds and you can make it at home easily.

Its flavor is similar to corn and you can use it in several recipes such as pancakes, bakery items, muffins, cookies, bread, brownies, etc. Millet flour is the best option to replace chickpea flour in pizza, veggie fritters, stews, crust, etc. 

The most amazing thing is that Millet flour is a great source of calories, protein, carbs, fiber, and many other nutrients. So, you can use it in your dishes to prevent many diseases.

Moreover, Millet flour is rich in antioxidants that may help to manage blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and also improve digestive health in the human body. So, if you don’t like chickpea flour in your favorite dishes, then you can replace it with Millet flour easily. 

8: Almond Flour 

Almond flour is also the best ingredient to make delicious recipes and it can replace chickpea flour well. It is made of almonds and the grinding procedure is applied by following a proper way.

You can make almond flour at home and can store it to add to several recipes. It is usually used to make scones, pasta, pancakes, cookies, meatballs, macarons, etc. 

If you don’t like chickpea flour in bread, pizza, biscuits, etc, then you can easily replace it with almond flour. Almond flour has healthy nutrients such as calories, protein, vitamins, fiber, carbs, fat, etc.

It is a great source to eat a healthy meal and get a fit body. You can add almond flour to your food to get rid of cancer, stroke, diabetes, and heart problems. 

9: Buckwheat Flour 

Buckwheat Flour can also replace chickpeas and it is made of Buckwheat seeds. If you are going to make noodles, Asian bread, pancakes, and gluten-free recipes, then you should choose Buckwheat Flour instead of chickpea flour. It provides a nutty, bitter, earthy, and intense flavor to your meal. 

Moreover, Buckwheat Flour is a good source of fat, protein, carbs, energy, and many other nutrients. You can add this special ingredient to your food to make you healthy.

It helps to prevent many diseases such as reducing the risks of constipation, protecting digestive health, and also may control blood sugar, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Use Almond Flour Instead Of Chickpea Flour In Pasta? 

Yes, you can easily replace chickpea flour in pasta and many other recipes such as soup, pizza, bread, cookies, and meatballs. It is a suitable and healthy ingredient for everyone. So, remove chickpea flour from your kitchen and use almond flour. 

What Is The Flavor Of Chickpea Flour? 

Chickpea flour is made of chickpea grains or seeds and it has a slightly nutty, fairly neutral, type of flavor. You can add chickpea flour in savory or sweet recipes. 


If you are wondering about the Best Substitutes For Chickpea Flour, then you need to read this content. We’ve explained the 9 chickpea flour substitutes in the above section.

You can remove chickpea flour permanently from your kitchen and use any other substitute from our list. These alternatives are explained well with their uses, nutrients, and health benefits. Just you need to think about your taste and health before using any ingredient in your diet. 

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