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11 Best Arborio Rice Substitutes | White Orzo Basmati For Rice

Welcome to this article, 11 Best Arborio Rice Substitutes | White Orzo Basmati For rice Pudding risotto jasmine Calrose paella.

Rice is a special dish for everyone, there are different types of rice in the world, but arborio rice is the special one for its nutrients and taste which attract everyone. Arborio rice is very rare because it is only grown in northern areas of the US. Arborio rice grains are short and have a particular flavor due to their starch.

If you have the plan to cook risotto then you should arborio rice because of its high-level starch. Arborio rice substitutes have lots of if you like creamy rice. Your risotto will give you the best and most attractive taste while you are cooking with arborio rice.

Arborio rice is part of the” superfine” rice family, usually, it is short-grained rice. Arborio Rice Substitutes are more flavorful and tasty because of short-grained and its quality.

Arborio Rice Substitutes Alternative Sushi Healthy For Paella

Arborio Rice Nutrients Per 100 Gram Serve

  • Arborio rice contains 356 calories
  • It contains 6.67 grams of protein
  • Gives 80 grams of carbohydrates
  • It also contains 2.2 grams of fiber
  • Good for everyone which is 0 grams of fat

Arborio rice is easy to cook and its cooking time is far better than other quality of rice. This is the classic and unique option for risotto because arborio rice is short-grained. But one thing you should know about arborio rice is that it is not easily available and is much more expensive than other varieties of rice. Don’t worry about this because there are a lot more substitutes for arborio rice available and it is a wiser option to choose. You can check the quality of rice if it gives you a good amount of starch.

11 simple And Best Arborio Rice Substitute For Rice Pudding

1.   Basmati Rice

Basmati rice

Basmati rice is commonly found and popular for its taste and quality and this is the all-time best substitute for arborio rice because it is easily available and it is competitive according to quality wise. It is long-grained rice. But if you use gluten-free products then this substitute is not a perfect choice for you.

Basmati rice gives the best result in risotto. If you want a sticky dish then you should add only eggs or even pumpkin broth to make your dish more sticky.

Because of no gluten in this substitute, it is healthier and easy to cook in a normal life routine. You can cook basmati rice in baked dishes too, this is a plus point for this substitute.

2.   Carnaroli Rice

Carnaroli rice

It is a great choice for many dishes which require arborio rice. If you like creamy texture in your dish or meal then you should use carnaroli rice and make your dish delicious and attractive. Carnaroli rice is easily made as others rice is commonly made, no new steps need to cook carnaroli rice.

Carnaroli is the same as arborio rice having short-grained rice. Also rich in amylopectin content. It will give your dish much flavor and tasty. It is native to northern Italy.

Carnaroli rice has many levels of starch content than arborio rice. During cooking, carnaroli rice gives you a solid texture, and the ability to retain shape. Carnaroli rice has a mild flavor.

3.   Sushi Rice

Sushi rice

Sushi rice is not only for sushi if you are thinking about a name. This substitute is decent in looking after the dish is complete and tasty and you can use sushi rice in a variety of dishes. It also gives you an attractive taste in risotto. But one thing to know about sushi rice is that you will lose its flavor if you overcook this substitute.

Sushi rice is creamy and sticky also for your dishes which is ideal for every chef. Basically, use in japan but not limited to this country. The best thing about sushi rice is you do not need to add additional ingredients to make it creamy.

4.   Pearled Barley

Pearled barley

This substitute is also the best choice for you, it contains enough starch to make your dish a good-looking and wonderful taste pearled barley. You can use pearled barley in varieties of soups because of its creamy texture and rich flavors.

Like other rice, you have to soak the rice before starting your cooking but in this case, you don’t need to soak pearled barley besides this, it will take less time and cook in minutes. Its outer layer which is rich in fiber is removed because pearled barley is whole-grain barley. It contains more toasted flavor and is rich in creaminess.

5.   Brown Rice

Brown rice

Brown rice is also fantastic in flavor and popular because of its taste and qualities. Many people prefer brown rice because of its dark color and decent taste. Brown rice is good for a healthy metabolism.

Its cooking method is the same as others and it is reliable to give your dish a better taste. Brown rice and arborio rice are different in taste and color, but both give you an attractive smell and flavor.

The best thing about brown rice is rich in nutrients if you compare it with white rice. Its cooking methods are simple and handy for everyone.

6.   Farro Wheat

Farro wheat

Farro wheat is not as popular as arborio rice but the good thing is that it will give a surprising flavor. It is basically in Italy and it is a mixture of three wheat qualities. It is rich in protein, calories, and carbohydrates.

This substitute also has no need to soak before cooking. Easy to cook and give tasty dishes. The taste of farro wheat and arborio rice are totally different but farro wheat is more decent in flavor and is used in other countries. Arborio rice and farro wheat have the same texture and give your dish a decent look.

7.   Quinoa


If rice is not available right now for you then don’t worry because quinoa is the substitute for all rice, not for only arborio rice. Quinoa easily cooks in 20 minutes. This substitute is rich in protein and gives you also a healthy body. But quinoa is not much starchy as arborio rice.

This substitute is a great option for all your dishes or recipes that require rice. Quinoa is not starchy but if you want a creamy texture in your dishes you should add milk to make it starchy.

8.   Cus-Cus

Cus-cus tastes similar to rice but basically, it is a mixture of flour and water, like other pasta products. Besides this, its taste and flavor are the same as rice. This substitute can be cooked under ten minutes. Cus-cus is a seasoning substitute. After the taste or flavor of cus-cus, you will prefer this substitute instead of rice. It also uses in creamy or other salads.

Cus-cus has a small granule. Cus-cus is not gluten-free. It absorbs flavor quickly and greatly, its texture is chewy, soft, and toasted flavor. Cus-cus is also rich in fiber and protein to give you healthy dishes.

9.   Bulgur Wheat

Bulgur wheat

Like cus-cus it is less creamy and rich in proteins. Bulgur wheat is a decent option to replace arborio rice in any type of recipe. Bulgur wheat is similar in texture to rice and cooks faster.

Bulgur wheat is different in taste but if one time you use this then you will select this substitute for your dishes. Bulgur wheat is high in protein as well as it is rich in minerals. It is healthy for the body as Bulgur wheat comes with zero cholesterol and low fat.

10. Sticky Rice

Sticky rice

Every chef wants their rice recipe should be sticky after cooking, so for them, a sticky rice substitute is the best option. The method of cooking sticky rice is not difficult, prepare in the same way as arborio rice.

Sticky rice tastes are less favorable. But comes with high protein and nutrients which is good for all kinds of people. Stick rice cooking time is prompt and easy.

11.  Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice is rich in taste as well as smell of its dish. This substitute will make your dish or meal attractive because it gives your dish an aromatic flavor, unique and tasty. Jasmine rice can be used as a plain dish on your table or meals or you can use this substitute in any other recipe. This substitute gives your dish a pleasant smell and taste which will attract you to the dish easily.

It is grown in South Asian or Asian countries and jasmine rice is the best alternative to sushi rice. Before cooking its grain are long but during cooking, its grain comes together. Jasmine rice is also cheap and gives a roasted flavor to the dish.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Arborio Rice Cooking Method Is Same As Other Rice?

Answer: yes, you can cook arborio rice for up to 25 minutes over medium, or low flame in a saucepan. Add two cups of salted water to arborio rice.

2: Why Do You Use Arborio Rice?

Answer: arborio rice are rich in mineral, proteins, and nutrient, and also has a starchy content. Also comes with zero fat.


Arborio rice should be your first choice whether you are cooking risotto or any other recipe. To make a creamy recipe rich in proteins, nutrients, and minerals you should select arborio rice or any substitute for your better healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry to give a try to these Arborio Rice Substitutes because it gives you tasty, flavorful, full, and pleasant dishes on your table.

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