Substitute For Cilantro

Substitute For Cilantro [Dried or Not] – What Can You Raplace?

Cilantro is a special ingredient in Asian, Mexican, and Indian recipes. It is used in various recipes for better taste, aroma, and attractive look. Substitute For Cilantro comes from the Apiaceae family of plants and is much similar to parsley.

Cilantro is not like a normal condiment because it contains 3,700 species, such as celery, parsley, and carrots. As Cilantro is from the parsley family, it has a great aroma and you can use it in every recipe like curry, mutton, beef, vegetables, etc. Cilantro enhances the taste, aroma, and look of a recipe that will show your expertise in cooking. 

You can use Cilantro leaves and also dried seeds in your dishes during cooking. It has wonderful health benefits because of healthy nutrients like potassium, vitamins K, C, and A, folate, manganese, etc.

Also, it lowers anxiety, blood sugar level, etc. Cilantro is a useful item or condiment in every recipe because it improves sleep & energy, and also protects the human body from many diseases. Like Urinary Tract Infections, Food Poisoning, Digestive Upset, Cardiovascular Disease, etc. 

So, you can add cilantro to every recipe to enhance the aroma of your dish and enjoy it. But if you are out of Cilantro and want to add something similar to it, then you should find a Substitute For Cilantro.

Substitutes or alternatives are also useful items or ingredients that may replace the item with their unique taste, aroma, and texture.

So, if you want to make a delicious and wonderful recipe without ignoring special condiments, then you should add another spice. Let us define the wonderful alternatives for cilantro.

Wonderful Substitutes For Cilantro

If you failed to find cilantro substitutes, then you do not need to worry. Because we have found the 11 best Cilantro Substitutes that can replace this special condiment or ingredient well.

These are such as Rau ram, Caraway, Thai Basil, Curry Powder, Italian parsley, Cumin, Mint, Dill, Papalo, Garam masala, Oregano, etc.

These alternatives of cilantro can replace it well in various dishes in which some ingredients are fresh leaves whereas some condiments are seeds.

So, the uses of all the condiments or spices are simple and very easy for everyone. Also, these substitutes of Cilantro have health benefits that will be discussed in this article. So let’s move on to the details.

9 Best Substitute For Cilantro Beans

1: Rau Ram

Rau ram is a wonderful ingredient for various recipes and it has an aromatic, soapy, and slightly peppery taste. Rau Ram comes from a plant and can better replace cilantro with an awesome taste, and aroma, and provide the smell of coriander.

Rau Ram has different names in different areas and similarly, it is known as Vietnamese cilantro. If you do not have cilantro and you want to add the same taste to your recipes, then you can arrange Rau Ram because these two ingredients or items have a very similar taste. 

You can use Rau Ram in sour and hot dishes like soup, baking, salad, curry, sandwich, etc. It is useful in your meal because of healthy nutrients like protein, carbs, fiber, etc.

Hence, Rau Ram is beneficial for human health because it strengthens the immune system, and lower libido cleanses the body, and also maintains celibacy.

2: CarawayCaraway seeds

Another best cilantro substitute is caraway and you can completely remove cilantro from your kitchen. Because caraway provides bittersweet, nutty, mild licorice, and slightly pepper taste.

Caraway Seeds come from the plant and you can use this ingredient in several recipes. Like you can add caraway seeds in baking goods like cakes, soups, sausages, bakery like biscuits, curries, vegetables, and also liqueurs. 

It will provide a wonderful taste and aroma that will make your dish flavorful. So, you can easily ignore cilantro and replace it with caraway seeds or caraway seeds powder.

Moreover, caraway seeds contain outstanding nutrients like calories, carbs, protein, iron, fiber, copper, fat, etc. So, you can use caraway in every recipe to get health benefits. Because caraway helps to reduce inflammation, weight loss, and also improve digestion, etc.

3: Thai Basil

You can use Thai Basil in your favorite recipes instead of cilantro. Because Thai Basil can replace cilantro well with amazing taste, and aroma, and provides wonderful texture to every dish.

Thai Basil comes from a plant and the leaves of the plant can be used as a special ingredient in several dishes. Moreover, it has a spicy, strong, and licorice-like flavor that will make your dish flavorful.

So, you can use Thai Basil in soups, salads, curries, noodle dishes, summer rolls, etc. You can use the leaves of Thai Basil as a seasoning on your dishes after cooking.

Similarly, you can use the paste of Thai Basil leaves in recipes for taste. Thai Basil is a wonderful source of antioxidants and many other nutrients that may be beneficial for your health.

It has anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties that protect your body from many diseases and helps you to live a happy life.

4: Curry Powder

Curry Powder comes from curry plants and is made with curry leaves. Curry Powder is a special and amazing substitute for cilantro because it provides the same taste you want in your dishes.

Curry powder has a deep, earthy flavor and can be used in several recipes like soups, marinades, baking goods, stews, sauces, meat, salads, and vegetables. 

You can mix curry powder with various herbs like turmeric, coriander, chili, ginger, etc. This special mixture can be used in every recipe for taste, the best aroma, and wonderful health benefits.

Because Curry powder has special properties that promote the digestive system, improve blood sugar levels, reduce stress, etc.

5: Italian parsley

Italian parsley is another special alternative for cilantro and provides the same taste that you want in your recipes. Italian parsley comes from a plant and the leaves of that plant you can add to your recipes like grilled vegetables, pasta, roasted potatoes, soups, a cold green-bean salad, salad, stews, etc. Italian parsley has a clove, nutmeg, and slightly peppery taste that will make your dish mouthwatering. 

After using this special ingredient in your dishes or recipes, you will completely ignore cilantro and other spices because it is more awesome than others.

Moreover, Italian parsley contains various nutrients like calories, carbs, and vitamins A & K, and also has antioxidant properties. Hence, it improves bone health, prevents the human body from cancer, improves eye health, etc. 

6: Cumin

Cumin is a family of parsley and comes from a plant that can easily replace cilantro. You can use cumin seeds or cumin powder in several dishes for better taste and aroma.

Because cumin provides a warming flavor with a nutty element and a slightly sweet, and spicy taste. Moreover, cumin seeds contain many nutrients like carbs, calories, protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, and antioxidant properties.

Hence, you can add cumin to your meal to prevent cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. Moreover, cumin helps to improve the digestion system, helps to lose weight, and has many other health benefits.

7: Mint

Another best substitute for Cilantro is mint because of its better taste, aroma, and texture. Mint comes from a plant and the leaves can be used to provide a wonderful taste and smell to your recipes.

Mint has a great and strong flavor and you can add it to salads, pestos, salsas, sauces, marinades, soups, curries, meat, beef, etc. 

It can be used in several recipes as other ingredients and also provides a lot of health benefits. You can also make mint juice or add it to various drinks as a detox. Mint, lemon, and water make a perfect combination to get healthy skin.

Moreover, mint has healthy nutrients like Iron, calories, folate, manganese, vitamins, etc. Hence, it may improve the syndrome, improve digestion, reduce brain infection, etc.

8: Dill 

Dill is also a useful ingredient or herb that can replace cilantro better than other items. Dill can be used in various dishes like fish, egg dishes, pickled vegetables, creamy dressings, soups, light salads, and many other hot+savory dishes. Because it has a fresh and citrus-like taste that makes your recipes more delicious than before. 

Moreover, Dill contains calories, vitamins, iron, folate, and many other nutrients or properties. So, you can use Dill in your every recipe to improve heart health, reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar levels, and also improves your health. Dill has antioxidant+antibacterial properties that help to live a healthy life.

9: Papalo


Papalo is a special herb and can be used to replace cilantro in various recipes. Like eggs, fried rice, salsa, pesto, sandwiches, and salads.

It provides a great+bitter taste and makes your dish more flavorful. Papalo is mostly used in Mexican dishes and enhances the flavor, aroma, and texture of recipes.

The taste of Papalo is similar to cucumber and cilantro. Hence, you can replace the ingredients or condiments with the Papalo easily.

Moreover, Papalo has antioxidant properties that provide wonderful health benefits. You can use Papalo in your dishes to reduce stomach disorders, improve blood pressure, and also it may reduce swelling of infected injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Herb Is Better Than Cilantro? 

All the best and wonderful help, plant leaves, or items are explained well that can be used as special condiments in your recipes. But Italian Parsley and Mint is my favorite substitute for Cilantro. 

Can I Use Oregano Instead Of Cilantro?

Oregano is a natural herb like mint, parsley, Thai basil, caraway, etc, and you can replace Cilantro with Oregano easily. Oregano has a bitter taste and can be used in several recipes like sprinkled meat, vegetables, chicken, and baking goods like bread, pizza, fish, chili dishes, etc. 


Cilantro is a wonderful condiment or ingredient for special recipes and you can add it for extra taste+aroma. But if you are out of cilantro and want to add a similar taste to your recipes, then you can use its alternatives.

In this informative article, you can see a long list of Substitute For Cilantro and add them to your several dishes. The taste, aroma, and uses of each alternative will be the same as cilantro. 

Moreover, you can prioritize all the ingredients on the base of nutrients or health benefits. If you feel that you should use healthy+fresh meals, then you should use leaves like mint, Italian parsley, dill, Papalo, etc.

Otherwise, you can add cumin powder, seeds, curry powder, caraway seeds, etc. The uses of these substitutes depend on your taste and you can choose your favorite one.

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