margarita recipe with triple sec

Margarita Recipe With Triple Sec And Margarita Mix & Ingredients

What actually makes the Margarita quite refreshing is a mixture of lime and orange with a little bit of salt. The “margarita recipe with triple sec” is so much famous. Also, the salt does make the flavours of the fruits pop by contrast. This boosts both sour and sweet flavours. It also suppresses the bitterness from added tequila.

There is a good way to enhance it is by using good quality ingredients. For instance, the recipes for the “Cadillac” margarita use top-shelf spirits hence the orange liqueur would be Gran Gala or Grand Marnier.

Margarita Recipe With Triple Sec And Tequila, Lime Juice: Ingredients

  • Half ounce Triple Sec
  • Salt (optional)
  • 1 1/2 ounces tequila
  • one ounce of lemon juice or lime juice


  • Shake the ingredients and cracked the ice.
  • Now, rim the margarita glass with salt.
  • Strain a yummy cocktail into a glass.

You might try this by using the Patron for your tequila and even Altos which are not very expensive but very yummy.

I love the Patron Citronge as well as Triple Sec. But the curacao, Cointreau, and Grand Marnier are great choices as well.

In case you have looked at the list of margaritas then you would better know that there are so wide varieties of this classic drink.

This timeless, simple, and classic margarita recipe with triple sec is so simple. This also tastes great. It is a classic recipe as tequila, lime, and orange do not get old.

You could also tweak this recipe until you just come up with the personal signature margarita! Just try some different fruit juices as well as different liqueurs in order to see what you are actually looking for.

Plus, the Margarita has also kept the popularity for so long as this recipe has been actually perfected with the passage of time. Along with high-quality tequila as well as freshly squeezed lime juice, it is always great.

It is a superb accompaniment to Mexican food. Also, I find that the margarita recipe with triple sec is also amazing with any kind of seafood as well as a chicken meal. It is a timeless margarita recipe that is very easy to make.

The lime juice is so good for the health. That is why I always prefer to use a bit more than some recipe actually calls for as I love lime juice.

As long as you are using a tequila of good quality then you should not feel any need for the salt – only add this in case you like its flavour.

margarita recipe with triple sec

It is a great idea to serve this with a straw hence people could taste this drink without salt. Also, in case you are a bit worried about the salt effects on your health then you might stop now. This turns out that salt is not bad for you. You basically need a specific amount of this every day.

In case you do not want salt then you must consider adding one pinch of this to the shaker. This would boost the other flavours as well without any addition of noticeable salty flavour.

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