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List of Juniper Berries Substitutes Recipes Rosemary In Cooking

Welcome to this article, Juniper Berries Substitutes Recipes Rosemary In Cooking And Baking in brine, marinade, And sauerbraten.

Juniper berries can be used in many recipes for spice and they enhance the flavor of salty dishes like meat, vegetable dishes, etc. Juniper berries seem like blueberries but both items are totally different because of their taste.

It belongs to the pine plant family and it has a natural, spicy, savory taste. It provides a fresh fragrance and you can use it for the season on food or drinks.

Moreover, juniper berries can be used in only particular drinks to enhance flavor and fragrance. Hence, it is not a condiment or usual ingredient for your dishes. 

Furthermore, juniper berries are a great source of healthy nutrients such as Vitamin C, Coumarins, Antioxidants, Monoterpenes, etc.

Also, it has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties which help to prevent the human body from many diseases. But if you want to try something different in your meal and decide to replace juniper berries with another amazing item.

Then you have to find other options which will fulfill your needs and also provide you with a spicy taste in your meal. If you are confused about Juniper Berries Substitutes, then visit this page and enhance your knowledge. 

6 Best Juniper Berries Substitutes In Sauerbraten And In Gin

If you are exploring the best Juniper Berries Substitutes, then read this complete article. There are 6 Best Substitutes For Juniper Berries Caraway Seeds, Cardamom, Rosemary, Bay Leaves, Gin, Hickory Spice, Black Pepper, etc. Let’s discuss all these substitutes in detail in which we will discuss their uses, flavor, nutrients, and health benefits. 

1: Caraway Seeds

Caraway Seeds are the best alternative for Juniper Berries because of their amazing taste, admiringly fragrant elements, and uses. You can use these seeds to enhance the flavor and fragrance of your meals.

Caraway Seeds offers a slight taste to every dish. Hence, you can see this item, especially in spices and herbs shops. You can use Caraway Seeds in various recipes such as rye bread, meat dishes, biscuits, sauerkraut, cakes, cheeses, pickles, stews, etc. 

Moreover, it has fiber, carbs, potassium, calories, magnesium, protein, iron, calcium, copper, vitamin A, etc. Hence, you can use this item in your food to reduce inflammation, improve healthy digestion, and weight loss properties. You have to use a tablespoon of caraway seeds because it will be enough. 

2: Cardamom 

Cardamom is another best alternative for juniper barries because it can be used in many recipes. This is a very special spice because it boosts fragrance and taste in all sweet or salty dishes. You can use cardamom in several sweet recipes such as Kheer, and chai. 

Moreover, you can use it in all Indian spice recipes, garam masala, curry dishes, and also vegetable dishes. Cardamom is a very flexible and amazing ingredient but it has limited use.

When you feel that you are missing something in your dish, then you can add this spice as a substitute for the special taste and fragrance of juniper berries. 

3: Rosemary 

Everyone is looking for a diverse herb and if you also searching for this herb then rosemary is your best choice for your cooking ingredient.

You will rosemary in two forms, one in dried form and the other in the whole plant which you can buy from your nearest grocery market or store.

It is a sustainable source of the herb on your kitchen shelf. Rosemary is the best and most unique ingredient for pan-seared dishes such as steaks.

You can get more aroma in your desired dish by adding a few springs of rosemary to it. Besides cooking ingredients, rosemary is also used for making high-class aroma perfumes, and essential oils, and is also used in making cleaning liquid soaps.

How to substitute? 

There is no science behind this substitute, but it is simple and effective to use. At least you should add two-three sprigs to the substitute of juniper berries. Through this substitute, you can get the same texture and flavor as the juniper berries. 

If you harvested some fresh and red meat, then keep in mind that rosemary is the best choice for this type of meat. From this substitute, you can get an effective and pleasant aroma in your desired dish, and also it will give you an attractive taste, which makes you a fan of this substitute.

Beforehand you should need to mix the substitute with the marinade for a better meal result or you have the option to cook it directly with the fresh meat.

It is recommended that you do this step later because it boosts the flavor of your dish and also it gives an attractive aroma to your meal. 

4: Bay Leaves 

Bay leaves are one of the important and popular substitutes used all over the world because of their aroma. The aroma of this substitute is very strong, even when you use only one leaf of the bay it can give a strong flavor to your dish. It will surely do some unique magic in your desired dish. 

You can get bay leaves in-ground or also in the form of whole dried leaves. It only depends on your choice which you want to pick, in both ways it will give you taste and flavor above your expectation.

It is not edible, this substitute is only used for the distinction of flavor and aroma. You can easily discard bay leaves when your dish is ready to eat.

How to substitute?

If you want to take this substitute as the whole leaves, then you need to take only one to two bay leaves as the substitute for one teaspoon of juniper berries.

When you have ground bay leaves then you need to use only a small quantity of bay leaves as you use juniper leaves. If you put more quantity of bay leaves then don’t worry it will not give a strong aroma like you think it is. 

5: Gin 

Gin is also a most common and popular ingredient which you can use as a substitute for juniper berries. Most people around every region, keep a huge stash of gin in their kitchen bar or cellar.

If you have a situation when you don’t find juniper berries in your kitchen then don’t worry you have a reliable and perfect substitute in your hand, which is gin. 

You don’t need to rush to your grocery store to find the juniper berries because gin is a great choice for you and it also gives you some flavor and texture like juniper berries. You can use this ingredient at your home anytime you want.

How to substitute?

For the best and perfect substitute, you just need to add only a single teaspoon of gin when you take it as a substitute for gin. Take the same quantity of gin as you take the number of juniper berries.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t change the quantity, if you need to change the quantity of gin in your dish then it only depends on your choice. 

It means you can add gin to your desired dish according to your taste and flavor. In any situation, it will surely give a comfortable taste and flavor to your table.

If you love the aroma of your dishes, then you can add more herbs and spices to get your desired flavor and taste. The aroma of gin is even not noticeable because of its subtle aroma. 

6: Hickory Spice 

In every grocery store or supermarket, you can find easily hickory spice. All types of hickory spice brands are easily available on market. It is a mixture of spices and herbs like garlic, chili, onion, salt, and hickory special powder.

This unique and powerful spice is flavorful and makes your all dishes aromatic. It is the best and most potential substitute for juniper berries, which you can use anytime you want because it is easily findable from any grocery market or shop.

How To Substitute?

Keep in mind that you need to take only 1.5 teaspoons of this ingredient as the substitute for juniper berries. If you like the flavor of this spice then you can add more quantity according to your taste.

There is not any limitation for you to add hickory spice to your cooking. By testing the taste of your dish, you can add more quantity. 


Juniper berries are somehow beneficial for human health and the body. But it may harm your stomach, can create kidney issues, may cause diarrhea, etc. So, you can just avoid juniper berries and alternate them with other beneficial ingredient such as rosemary, bay leaves, cardamom, etc.

Thus, the Best Juniper Berries Substitutes are explained well in the above section, so now you can try any ingredient and make a tasty meal. 

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