Best Potato Ricer Substitutes

List of Best Potato Ricer Substitutes Masher For Gnocchi Grater

Welcome to this article, We are going to guide you about the Best Potato Ricer Substitutes Masher For Gnocchi Grater – Prerecipe.

A potato ricer is an important and useful kitchen gadget to mash cooked potatoes. If you like to eat an amazing, delicious, and wonderful meal at home, then you do not need to order.

Because you have the option to use your home kitchen and cook delicious dishes. But when we think to cook something at home, various ideas make us confused.

But potato lovers just concentrate on potatoes and think about their recipes. If you are one of those personalities, then you can go and make delicious potato recipes. 

In many potato recipes, you need to use tools to mesh them. But wait, what to do when you do have not potato ricer? Is there another way to mesh potatoes nicely and make amazing recipes?

You need to find out the best potato ricer substitutes that can make your work easy. If you are wondering about the wonderful substitute for potato ricer, then go with us and see the best alternative for it.

Today we will discuss which substitutes can replace potato ricer and how. So, stay connected and enhance your knowledge. 

5 Best Potato Ricer Substitutes For Gnocchi

The 5 best Potato Ricer substitutes can better replace it and also can fulfill your need. These are Potato Mashers, Fine Grater, Food Mill, Hand Mixer, Use basic forks, etc.

So, you can easily replace a potato ricer with various tools. Let’s discuss how these alternatives are better and how they work. 

1: Potato Masher 

The first best alternative for potato ricer is a potato masher. It is the best kitchen tool that is specially designed to mesh potatoes. It works very well with a small amount/quantity of potatoes and can mesh them easily.

So, if you do not have a potato ricer, then you can use a potato masher to mash all the tomatoes within seconds. The process is not difficult because you can take a boiled potato and place them in a bowl. 

Then take a masher and mash all the potatoes one by one. You can enjoy this trick but if you find something issue while meshing potatoes, then you have another option to choose from.

Hence, take some boiled water and use it on the potatoes. You can also use boiled milk and apply the masher to mash potatoes. This milk and water will help to make the potatoes smooth. Hence, the process of meshing potatoes will be simple and easy for everyone. 

If you are ok with a potato masher and do not want to buy potato ricer, then you need to choose the best quality. Many brands offer potato mashers in various quality gadgets for the kitchen and you can enjoy online shipping. 

2: Grater 

Another alternative for potato ricer is a grater and you can use it to mash potatoes for your recipes. Grater comes in different shapes and can be used to grate potatoes.

You can use any grate that is already in your kitchen and start meshing potatoes. But if you are using grater the first time, then you have to follow a simple and easy process that will help you to complete your work within a few minutes. 

These boiled tomatoes will be soft to the touch, so you have to hold them gently. You can also use cold water to cool them quickly and peel them off to move to the next process.

Now you can use a grater to mesh them. Place any bowl or another gadget inside the grater that will store meshed potato. The most important point is that you can cut large potatoes because they will be easy to carry. Now you can easily make any potato recipe by using these mashed potatoes. 

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3: Food Mill 

It is also a wonderful gadget for kitchen use and can replace potato ricer. You can mesh potatoes by using the food mill and can make amazing recipes. A food mill is very simple and easy to use for everyone.

Hence, if you have never used it before, then you can also use it by replacing potato ricer. You will see several designs of food mils in the market or online stores, so choose the perfect item. 

If you are going to cook any favorite dish of potatoes, then you can use a food mill to make a slice or grate potatoes. It can be used for both methods and you will enjoy the process.

Moreover, food mills provide wonderful features like you can cut or grate potatoes in different sizes. You have to just take a bowl, photos, and a food mill. Then use the food mill instead of a potato ricer or another gadget. 

4: Hand Mixer 

Another simple and easy method to mesh tomatoes is a hand mixer. So, you have no need to use any gadget for this because you can mesh all the potatoes by using your hand.

For this, you have to cut potatoes into chunks and then boiled them for a few minutes. But if you are following a quick recipe then you can use cold water to cool the potato chunks.

Now you can add the boiled potato chunks into the bowl and add milk. Hence, you can start meshing these potatoes until they convert into a creamy texture. Your potatoes are ready to make something delicious in your meal. 

5: Use A Basic Fork 

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have the above substitutes on your kitchen shelf, because the basic fork is one of the easiest and most reliable ingredients for your dish.

But for the easiest substitute, you need to put some effort into it and it will take more time than other substitutes. But the thing which you need to keep in your mind is that the collection potatoes are well boiled and then you need to clean them with a clean cloth.

If you want to use these potatoes for a fork then you need to make sure that all the potatoes are soft. If they don’t have soft quality then you need to boil them for five to seven minutes. Also, you have the option to add some quantity of milk to make them softer and it will save you time as well.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Potato Ricer The Only Choice In Your Kitchen?

If you have this option then it is good for you, but the good thing is that you also can choose the substitutes which are mentioned in this guide.

But as a substitute, you need to make sure all the potatoes are enough boiled. When you get soft-quality potatoes after boiling, then you need to cleanly peel them before using them in your dish.

2. Is A Food Processor A Good Option For Me Instead Of A Potato Ricer?

As you know that we did not mention food processors in the entire guide because it is different from the potato ricer. The main thing which gives you a reason to not use a food processor instead of potato ricer is that you will not get the same outcome in the end.

3. What Should I Need To Use For Gnocchi?

A potato ricer is a reliable and better choice for your Gnocchi. Also, there are multiple substitutes in the guide that give you results according to your wish. A food mill is a decent option for you as a substitute for potato ricer.


You have many more ideas to mesh potatoes for your favorite recipes. There are so many gadgets or tools that are specially designed to mesh, slice, or cut potatoes in different shapes.

Similarly, the potato ricer is also one of them. But if you have no potato ricer in your kitchen, then you should find the Best Potato Ricer Substitutes that replace it better.

In this article, we have explained the 5 best alternatives for potato ricer and also explained the procedure. This informative content will help you to make your recipes easily. 

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