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Top 6 Easy Lunch Ideas For Work [Short Time Needed]

Best 6 Healthy And Easy Lunch Ideas For Work Party Vegetarian No-Cook are perfect for staying on track with weekly meal planning picky eaters – these meal ideas will help you to stay organized by eating healthy during the busy work routine, they are just perfect for planning meal while keeping in mind the budget too!

Try out our healthy, delicious lunch ideas, you have to option to select from rice salads or pasta, hearty soups or sandwiches, homemade protein pots, and filling wraps.

The lunch ideas we are presenting here are a super fun way to transform your planning of weekly meals towards healthy, wholesome food along with giving you delicious and juicy taste that will fuel your busy work week as well!easy lunch ideas for work

Just pack your lunchbox with a meal that is packed with nutritious ingredients along with a great taste. Read on more for getting the lists of meal ideas to get the inspiration you are looking for in terms of perfect and “easy lunch ideas for work”.

6 Best Easy Lunch Ideas For Work (Make In A Short Time)


A portable lunch item – pasta, is equally delicious and healthy. It can be served cold as pasta salad or you can reheat it quickly in the microwave.


One of the easiest and quickest lunches to take away at the office is salads  – just pour everything in the lunch box, mix it, and it’s ready. With countless combinations of flavors, salads are a good way for mixing up your menu for the midweek and stave off boredom at lunchtime. Start placing different grains, leaves, and pulses as a base, then top it with a layer of veggies and colorful fruits, eggs or tofu, fish, and protein-rich meat, then amp up the texture and flavor with spices, seeds, nuts, herbs, and dressings.

Homemade Wraps

Tortillas and flatbreads are a good alternative to bread, or if you are trying to cut down the carbs from the diet, then you can use the leaves of crispy lettuce. Fish and protein-rich chicken can serve as a good filling, or for adding nutrients to the meal during lunchtime, you can add veggies in the wrap.

Sandwich Ideas

Forget all soggy sarnies  –  the club sandwiches, filling pittas, and toast toppers are packed with nutrient-rich, delicious ingredients that are sure to hit the lunch spot. Separately pack up all the ingredients and at your dest assemble them for a super tasty and fresh open sandwich.

Portable Soups

Soup is another hit during the winter. To avoid soup leakage, you can use a tight seal or thermos flask. If you have access to the microwave in your office, then you can cook soup for the entire week, freeze it, then thaw and put it in the microwave for reheating when you want to have it.

Protein Pots

For having a balanced diet, you should include protein in your meal. From time to time, if you want to upsurge your intake of protein, then homemade recipes of protein pot will be a perfect lunch or snack. These protein pots comprise about 20g of protein.