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Quick Curing Salt Substitutes For Jerky, Bacon And Brisket

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People love homemade foods because of the important ingredient used in cooking. Salt is the basic ingredient that makes our foods delicious and healthy.

If you use curing salt in your cooking then it will best choice for you because the purpose of curing salt is to give you a healthy body and kill microbes in your food during cooking.

But when there is a shortage of curing salt in your kitchen, then you have lots of Curing Salt Substitutes.  The most specific use of curing salt is for meat and the products which are related to meat.

Don’t worry that how you know the difference between regular salt and curing salt because regular salt is white and curing salt is dyed in pinkish color which you can easily access.

A Detailed History Of Curing Salt For Brisket

Curing salt is a very old technique that uses in ancient while making meat. They preserved the meat by covering it with curing salt for tasty flavor and bacteria-free food. According to studies, in 4,000 BC the use of curing salt method is discovered by Sumerian culture.

When ancient used curing salt to preserve meat, then it makes the food color red and the storage life of the product will increase with the help of nitrite/nitrate. When you use nitrate/nitrite in your food products which are naturally included in curing salt then it will be healthy for your body.

The curing process of any food product changes the original product color into a dark reddish color. But after time, there are a lot more salts discovered which are the best substitutes for curing salt and much safer than curing salt.

6 Best And Healthy Curing Salt Substitutes: For Bacon

If you don’t want to use nitrate/nitrite in your food, then you can use curing salt substitutes for a better quality of your food as well as tasty in flavor.

1. Celery Powder

If you want the best-related substitute for curing salt then celery powder is a great choice for you. Most people are surprised that how celery powder is a substitute for curing salt. Celery powder is a great choice for you because it is a nitrate-free ingredient that you can use to preserve your powder for a long time in your kitchen.

The other thing which makes celery powder the best substitute for you is that if you don’t have celery powder then you can use its juice. Use the same quantity of celery juice or powder as you take the same quantity of curing salt in your meat products. After curing your meat product, you will not get a big difference in your final product as it will not give you any negative effects.

2. Descent Choice: Non-Iodized Sea Salt

If you want to curing salt substitutes that are easily available and give you the same quality of curing salt then Non-Iodized sea salt is the best option for you. You can use this substitute for any kind of food you want and also it will boost your food life, which you can enjoy for a long time.

You will get a slight flavor difference when you add this substitute to your food. It can taste different from curing salt but you will surely enjoy its flavor. You only use the same quantity of non-iodized salt as you used curing salt in your food, so you don’t need to add an extra quantity to your food.

3. Third Best Choice: Saltpeter

If you want a substitute that includes potassium nitrate then saltpeter is a great option for you, as it is very effective to preserve your meat for a long time. Saltpeter substitute is used as an effective meat tenderizer. Also, if you want to make thicker food quality in your stews then saltpeter is the best ingredient.

If you ever plan to cook a piece of meat and you don’t have to cure salt then saltpeter gives you the same quality as curing salt. Keep in mind, that you need the same amount of saltpeter as you use curing salt in your foods. You will get healthy and strong food on your table because saltpeter kills all the bacteria that lye’s in meat products.

4. Fourth Best Choice: Himalaya salt

The popular and most common salt around the world is Himalaya salt and it is a great substitute for curing salt. In any market, you find this substitute easily. But when you add the quantity of Himalaya salt as a substitute for curing salt in your food, then it may not increase the shelf life of your food product as curing salt.

Himalaya salt is used to give the best flavor to the food and kills the bacteria in meat, which means you will get healthy and tasty food on your table. This substitute is rich in minerals which makes it healthier than curing salt. Also, you need to put the same quantity of Himalaya salt as you use the same amount of curing salt in your cooking.

5. Fifth Best Choice: Kosher Salt

You may find kosher salt difficult to find because it is not very common. But when you find it, it is worth your time because it is a great and efficient substitute. You can use kosher salt in any type of food. It is non-iodized salt that is also rich in various minerals.

The main thing which you need to focus on is that, whenever you use kosher salt as a substitute for curing salt you need to add an extra amount of kosher salt to your foods.

But it depends on your nature of flavor, as some take less salt in foods. When you find kosher salt in any supermarket, then without wasting time you need to take this salt as it can use in various types of food.

6. Sixth Substitute For Curing Salt: Vinegar

If you plan to cook fish, then vinegar is a great substitute for curing salt as it gives you high-quality food. With the acidic level of the vinegar, you can preserve your fish meat for a long time in your kitchen.

The making process of your food with vinegar is quietly different from curing salt. So, whenever you plan to make a fish then you need to use vinegar instead of curing salt as it enhances the taste of your fish. You just need to soak your fish meat in the vinegar for a specific time.

Curing Salt Substitute For Jerky Beef

There are lots of people who enjoy jerky beef with a smoky flavor. Jerky meat is a piece of meat that comes in slices and you can dry it with curing salt. But what will happen when you don’t add the quantity of curing salt to jerky beef?

Don’t worry, you can take Himalaya salt as the best substitute for curing salt while cooking jerky beef. There are other substitutes like Celery powder or celery juice, but it will not work the same for jerky beef.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can You Make Curing Salt At Your Home?

Answer. You can easily make curing salt in your kitchen, but there are a lot more best substitutes available for curing salt. Curing salt is made with the mixing of water, normal salt, sugar, and some spices.

2. Is Curing Salt Effective For Your Food Products?

Answer. Yes, there are various benefits while using curing salt in your food. But using curing salt substitutes is a decent option for you as these substitutes will grow the life of your food especially if it is meat.


You can easily use one of the substitutes and replace it with curing salt in your dishes. These substitutes in this guide will give your food longer health which you can use at any time.

Also, these substitutes will give you the quality which you want in your food, especially for meat. Make sure you are using a substitute for curing salt, especially for meat products. In this way, you can get a healthy body as well as you can get a tasty dish on your table.

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