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In the world of the market, we see many sauces in the grocery stores to make our dishes and meals more flavor and tasty but teriyaki sauce is one of the best-selling sauces in the market due to its low calories ingredients.

Teriyaki sauce is a savory, salty, and low-sugar amount flavor with a high amount of umami undertones. The ingredients in teriyaki sauce may vary by region or if the chef wants to add more things to it. If we talk about teriyaki sauce look, so it’s shiny dark in color, and bold.  “Teri” in teriyaki means shiny and bold and “Yaki” means grilled.Substitutes For Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki sauce ingredients are soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and honey, and in some western, they add brown sugar. You can use this sauce as your tradition, it means in some traditions they use teriyaki sauce in meat, beef, or especially in fish like salmon, trout, marlin, and tuna fish. In some traditions, people use this sauce only for their fast food items like burgers, pork, and chicken Behari roll. Teriyaki sauce makes all these dishes very attractive to taste and smell.

With teriyaki sauce, every dish and meal will become tasty and favorable. During cooking, if you run out of teriyaki sauce, well then don’t worry because you can always substitute it with barbecue sauce and many others.

Substitutes For Teriyaki Sauce: In Stir Fry Whole30

1. Barbecue Sauce

Teriyaki sauce is more or less equivalent to barbecue sauce. If we compared teriyaki or barbecue sauce then teriyaki is the sweeter and milder sauce, and barbecue sauce is smoky. If you have the plan to eat especially grilled meat then barbecue sauce is the best substitute when you are out of teriyaki sauce.

You can also make barbecue sauce at the home easily as well as you can also purchase it from any store. After the first use of barbecue sauce, you can refrigerate the residual sauce for up to 3 to 4 weeks. Barbecue sauce is less sweet than Substitutes For Teriyaki Sauce and you can’t use an excessive amount of barbecue sauce in your dishes. If you want excessive use of barbecue sauce then you should add one tablespoon of sugar.

2. Soya Sauce With Sugar

In an emergency situation during cooking, If you want to make barbecue sauce from scratch you should add two cups of sugar to the soya sauce. Marinate it with the meat. If you want to get more flavor, add some garlic cloves to the sauce to get a decent taste for your meat. Marinate it for 24 hours to get a prominent result of the meat.

After you marinate the meat, do not waste the residual sauce because you can use it later for grilling the meat. More sauce in marination will give you more flavor and taste.

3. Worcestershire Sauce

If you talk about the thickness and density of these sauces then teriyaki and Worcestershire sauce have different. Worcestershire is not much thicker than teriyaki sauce, but Worcestershire sauce is a good and decent substitute for teriyaki sauce.

Worcestershire sauce and teriyaki sauce both these sauces give you better results in your food than other sauces can not. Other sauces are not so much rich in taste and are not so savory as the Worcestershire sauce gives you components. Also, there is less quantity of salt in Worcestershire sauce, which will help you to maintain body protein.

4. Oyster Sauce

If you are a salt lover then you should try oyster sauce as a Substitutes For Teriyaki Sauce. Oyster sauce gives your dish a saltiness and sweetness contrast. It doesn’t mean that oyster sauce has an excessive amount of salt but it has a balanced amount of salt in this sauce that you have no need to put extra salt in your dishes or food you are making. Because the salt adds to this sauce is robust and clean kind of saltiness you get.

Teriyaki sauce and oyster sauce are not the same in taste and look-wise. But some overlap with them. That’s the reason chefs use both these sauces to cook their food or meat deliciously and make it their secret recipe. You can add more things to an oyster sauce like rice vinegar, soya sauce, and much more to make more components.

5. Ponzu Sauce

Ponzu sauce is a new sauce in this era. You didn’t hear this sauce too much. Ponzu sauce is an alternative to teriyaki sauce. It is easy to make, and more reliable than other sauces.

Ponzu and teriyaki sauce has the same ingredients but the main difference is ponzu sauce is much thicker than teriyaki sauce. Another difference is the addition of citrus juice to ponzu sauce which makes it different from teriyaki sauce.

The Umami flavor in ponzu sauce is more quantity than in teriyaki sauce. So, if you are a lover of umami flavor then you should buy this sauce for your cooking inventory. Ponzu sauce is best while you are cooking fish or other seafood.

6. Hoisin Sauce

If you are finding Substitutes For Teriyaki Sauce in the grocery store and you didn’t find it and hoisin sauce is available instead of teriyaki sauce, then you should purchase this sauce because hoisin sauce is a replica of teriyaki sauce. Other sauces are not likely teriyaki sauce.

Hoisin sauce sale in more Asian countries than in other countries because Asians are spice lovers. Hoisin sauce is made for them to make their food or dishes more heat and spice. Hoisin sauce is also called Asian sauce because of its spice.

The best thing about hoisin sauce is that this sauce is more favorable and more complicated rather than other sauces. With hoisin sauce food will still taste delicious and have much more flavors and also you can add more things to hoisin sauce like garlic.

7. Korean Galbi Sauce

If you like smoky flavor in cooking then you should use Korean galbi sauce. It gives your food or dishes a pleasant smoky taste. Especially in Korean restaurants, chefs use this sauce to give a sweet and smoky taste to foods or dishes they made.

One’s you buy this sauce, then you will buy this sauce for your whole life because its pleasant smell to foods is so attractive that you can’t wait to eat hurry.

Korean galbi sauce is a game-changer. The best thing is that you don’t need extra ingredients to add to this sauce to make your food delicious.

How To Make Teriyaki Sauce At Home: Ginger Mirin


  • Take hot water approximately 3 cups.
  • Take cold water for 1 cup.
  • Take soya sauce 1/2 cup of.
  • Now add honey approximately 2 tablespoons of.
  • Add brown sugar approximately 4 to 5 tablespoons.
  • Use only garlic powder 1 ½.
  • in the second last step add ginger powder only 1 teaspoon.
  • In the last step, add cornstarch approximately 4 tablespoons to make the teriyaki sauce thicker.


  1. On medium heat, mix 2 cups of water, soy sauce, honey, brown sugar, garlic powder, and ginger in a saucepan. Mix it until it dissolved completely.
  2. Add cornstarch and water to a glass and mix well both. don’t make cornstarch thicker, just shake it well until it dissolved. Cornstarch is used to thicken teriyaki sauce.
  3. Then add a mixture of cornstarch and water into the saucepan and mix well properly until combined.
  4. Until the sauce thickened, cook it approximately for 5 to 7 minutes.
  5. According to these quantities of ingredients, can make about 3-4 cups of teriyaki sauce
  6. Store in the refrigerator and let it cool.
  7. This sauce can be preserved for about 3 to 4 weeks in the fridge, after this time you have to discard this sauce

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