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Pernod Substitutes In Cooking – You Can Replace it With..

Pernod Substitutes are a special type of alcohol that is used in various recipes. Such as bouillabaisse like a seafood stew, salmon, French recipes, and also shrimp, etc.

It is considered a wonderful liquid because of its fantastic taste, superb aroma, and amazing texture. Hence, seafood lovers love to eat their favorite dishes with it.

Pernod is not the only alcohol used in food because there is a long list of various alcohol. Such as Brandy, Cognac, Bourbon, Scotch, Rum, Tequila, etc.

All these branded alcohols are also considered a perfect liquid for food. Because alcohol enhances the flavor of food, improves the texture, makes it more delicious, and also provides health benefits.

Similarly, people are addicted to Pernod and never miss any chance to add Pernod to their stews, meat, seasoning, sauces, etc. But people want to know if they do have not Pernod in their kitchen.

Actually, this is really interesting and if you also searching for a solution, then you have a substitute option. You can find the Pernod substitutes and fulfill your need.

Because there are various alcoholic liquids that can be used in every food. Let’s discuss more interesting points and Pernod substitutes.

What Are The Pernod Substitutes?

Pernod is special alcohol and another special liquid can replace it better. So, we have a collection of 6 wonderful Pernod substitutes that allows you to replace it. Such as whiskey, absinthe, vodka, pastis, white wine, lemon juice, etc. 

The food lovers know the taste of Pernod and also can better define it and replace it. But some people have no idea, so let’s define how other recipes can better replace Pernod.

1: Whiskey

Whiskey is a wonderful Pernod substitute because of its wonderful taste, and aroma, and enhances the flavor of every recipe. If you have not Pernod, then you can easily add whiskey as an ingredient in your favorite food.

Whiskey is also alcohol but it is a very strong drink and its taste is much similar to Pernod. Moreover, whiskey has something different and unique taste that enhances the flavor of your recipes and makes them more delicious than before.

If you are living in Europe, then you have a better idea that whiskey is a special ingredient and is mostly used with red meats.

Similarly, Russia is also addicted to whiskey and which is the main ingredient of many Russian recipes. It will provide you with fantastic taste and aroma while making stews, seafood, or slow-cooked recipes. 

Because of its strong and distinct flavor, you can use just two drops of whiskey and it will provide a smoky flavor to your dish. You can also add one or two drops of whiskey for seasoning.

2: Absinthe

Absinthe is another wonderful Pernod substitute and it is actually from Pernod’s family. That’s why it has the same taste as Pernod and you can easily replace it with Pernod. Absinthe is made with special ingredients like anise, fennel, and wormwood and it is considered natural alcohol. 

In Europe, Absinthe is used as a traditional drink and recipes made with Absinthe are considered traditional dishes.

Because of its wonderful aroma and perfect flavor, you can ignore Pernod and use just two teaspoons of Absinthe in your favorite recipes. The leaves of Absinthe can be used in several dishes like escargot, red meat, cheese, oysters, fish, omelets, etc.

3: Vodka

Vodka is a popular drink and the most common in the entire world. It can better replace Pernod because of its distinct flavor, and strong aroma, and also helps to make a delicious meal.

Vodka and whiskey are similar because of their strong taste, both are used as a drink, etc. Moreover, people love vodka in their various recipes. Such as shrimp, stews, pasta, seafood, scallops, fish, and sauces.

Because of its sweet taste, aroma, and perfect texture, Vodka is also used as a sauce. Hence, if you can’t arrange Pernod, then you have a perfect chance to add vodka and enjoy a fantastic meal.

Hence, if you are going to make your favorite dish, then don’t forget to add vodka to your ingredients.

4: Pastis

If you are looking for a wonderful Pernod substitute, then pastis is always on the top of the list. Pastis is another special and wonderful type of French drink that comes with a strong aroma.

The surprising thing is that Pastis is produced by the same company which is made Pernod. Hence, pastis is considered a highly alcoholic drink or ingredient. But it is perfect for stews, soups, sauces, shrimp, and seafood to make them more delicious. 

Moreover, Pastis is going well with various ingredients such as red fruits including raspberries, strawberries, etc. Also, it is the perfect combination for some citrus fruits like orange or lemon juice, tonic, whites, syrups, mint, and sparkling water. 

Because of its distinct flavor, you can add just 3-4 drops of Pastis to your pasta, seafood, meat, etc. Hence, pastis is the best choice to change the taste of your meal and make it more delicious.

5: White Wine

White wine can also replace Pernod and it is considered the best Pernod substitute for others. White wine is famous liquor because of its citrus, and aromatic, stone fruits, taste and it is also a special drink in many European countries.

White wine can be used as an ingredient in several recipes like pasta, fish, meat, risotto, seafood, quiches, etc. Because of its taste and fantastic aroma, white wine is always the number one priority of every food lover.

Hence, if you do have not Pernod in your kitchen, you can easily take white wine and add a few drops to your recipe.


The most effective and wonderful solution to make your recipe delicious is lemon juice. This is available in almost every country and people love its citrus taste and aroma, and it helps to cook a delicious meal.

Lemon juice is mostly used for seasoning roasted chicken, meat, seafood, pasta, salads, etc. Also, you can use lemon juice in your recipes during the preparation.

Moreover, lemon juice is the perfect ingredient for savory dishes, drinks, marinades, and desserts. Hence, you can ignore all other Pernod substitutes and add two teaspoons of lemon juice to enjoy a delicious meal.


It is not difficult to make delicious food at home because all the recipes are available on the internet. But the problem occurs while collecting their ingredients because ingredients make a meal perfect.

All the condiments, liquids, and special ingredients are used to cook special dishes like seafood, roasts, savory dishes, meat, etc.

Hence, experts use Pernod to enhance the flavor of special dishes. You can also use Pernod in your dishes without any problem. 

When you do have not Pernod then you should also have a solution like the best Substitutes for Pernod. Hence, we have provided the 6 best Pernod substitutes that can better replace pernod in your dishes. Just remember the exact quantity of every substitute because more quantity will ruin the taste of your meal.

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