How to Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan

How To Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan – Step By Step

In this article, I will guide you on How To Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan utensils are famous nowadays just because of the good quality of the material, durability of material, reliability, efficiency, and so many properties. In every commercial kitchen, the best performance is paid for by the Non-Stick essentials.

Thus, the utensil companies offer a lot of cookware sets which include pans and pots. Different sizes of pots and pans are constructed by brands or companies in unique styles, designs, and extra additions like handles, lids, etc.

The best cookware companies are such as Masterclass, Calphalon, Cuisinart, Mauviel, Dansk, etc. These companies or brands introduced unique styles and looks of cookware and offered excellent sets with additional kitchen items.

Each brand offers high-quality material cookware sets like pots and pans such as stainless steel, non-stick, aluminum, carbon steel, ceramic, etc. All are famous cookware brands in the entire world but Non-Stick pans and pots have a unique fan following.

Non-stick lovers love to use this material in their kitchens because of its fantastic performance. Hence, if you are also a Non-stick pan user and want to collect some information about it, you can follow our web page and enhance your knowledge.

A lot of positive reviews about any item or product, but we always see some negative reviews and face some problems. Like people are searching for How to Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan, and all the users want the best solutions for good performance.

Thus, we have decided to share some informative content that will help you to remove the scratches on the Non-stick or Teflon pans.

How to

How To Fix Scratched Non Stick Or Teflon Pans

The scratches on non-stick pans are a common issue and almost every non-stick cookware user faces the issue. Hence, scratching and flaking on non-stick or Teflon pans are so common and everyone wants the best solution.

If you also facing the same issue with your pan, then keep calm and learn to fix the problem quickly. Some steps will help you to fix the scratches on non-stick pans quickly and easily. These are as follows:

Clean The Pan With a Soft Sponge

To avoid scratches on non-stick pans, you have to clean them with a soft sponge. Because a hard sponge will increase the scratches and will create many issues. Whereas the soft sponge or plastic scrubber will help to clean your pan easily.

Similarly, dishwashing soap and lukewarm soap will help to clean your non-stick pans easily, and quickly, and polish their beauty as well.

Use The Smear Cookware Spray

Smear Cookware Spray is the best solution to fix scratched non-stick pans and make them new as well. You can purchase the Smear Cookware Spray from the local market easily.

Also, it is available in online stores and you can just order with one click. This awesome spray will be a coating on your non-stick pans that will hide the scratches and enhance the shine of utensils.

There is no chemical in smear cookware spray and highly recommended by experts. The use of this beneficial spray is very simple and everyone can use it on their non-stick pans without any problem.

Thus, you have to use this spray on the scratched area of your pan and keep it in a room for 30-40 minutes at normal temperature. The results will be surprising and incredible for new users.

Bake Your Non-stick Pan

If you have found scratches on your non-stick pan, then you should fix them immediately. Hence, you can apply many techniques that will help to solve your issue.

The baking method works really well and provides scratch-free pans. Hence, you need to follow some beneficial steps, which are as follows:

  • First of all, you have to use your oven and pre-heat it to 500F.
  • Just preheat your oven for 10 to 15 minutes and then put the non-stick pan quickly.
  • You have to bake your Teflon pan in the oven for 45 to 50 minutes.
  • Now you can use the spray on the pan’s surface and recover its elegant non-stick surface quickly.
  • After the baking process, you have to take out the Teflon pan from the oven and use it for one hour.

Wash Your Teflon Pan

After the baking and spraying method, you have to wash your pan quickly. Don’t forget to use good lukewarm water and dishwashing soap because it will help to clean the spray easily, After spraying, the cleaning is important because the spray is constructed with chemicals and you can’ cook your recipes on a cooking surface.

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Risk Of Using Scratched Non-Stick Pan

If you have found scratches on your non-stick pan and you are ignoring them. Then you are doing wrong because the scratched non-stick pan may cause many problems or risks.

To avoid all the risks, you should find a solution and fix them immediately. For better knowledge and understanding, we should discuss the risks of using the scratched pan.

The nonstick coating is not considered in durable material for cookware because it can flake off easily. If your pan gets scratched because of other utensils or wrong washing methods, then you will face the risks of flake increases.

Similarly, the scratched non-stick pan can get dissolved into gas and may cause gas making the environment. The overheating results may create many critical health issues.

How To Remove Scratches From Non-Stick Pans

How to Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan

To remove or avoid scratches from a non-stick pan, you have to perform some simple tasks. Such as, you can try canola oil seasoning. It will help to avoid food getting stuck to the pan’s surface and your non-stick pan will be safe for future use.

  • The method is very simple, You can take a pan and use canola oil to season your non-stick pan.
  • After seasoning, you have to leave your pan on low heat for a few minutes.
  • Now, you can use a paper towel and clean all the excess oil from the non-stick pan’s surface.

Another method will surely help to remove the scratches quickly from a non-stick pan.

  • You have to take vinegar, water, and baking soda and mix them quickly.
  • This mixture of three ingredients will help to deep clean your non-stick pan and easily take off stains.
  • Moreover, baking soda will help to take off all the food particles that are stuck to your pan’s surface.
  • You have to use this mixture on the pan’s surface and boil it at medium temperature.
  • Now you can turn off the heat and wash it gently by using a soft sponge and dishwashing soap.
  • Always dry the pan with a soft cloth and keep it in a safe area of your kitchen.

Proper Handling Of Non-Stick Pans

If you have purchased a non-stick pan and now worrying about scratches, then you are wrong. Because non-stick cookware is not as low or badly constructed as you think.

Because non-stick coating on cookware makes them more efficient, and dishwasher safe improves the cooking experience, etc. Many more features help to enhance your trust in non-stick cookware.

To avoid any damage, you should use some techniques to keep your non-stick pans from scratches. Unfortunately, if you are facing scratch problems on your non-stick pans, then you should apply some simple and easy methods that help to remove the scratches within minutes.

There are some special tips for using non-stick cookware or pans without any scratches or damage. These are as follows:

  • Always choose a ventilated area for the kitchen and there should be at least one or two windows to let the fumes escape.
  • You have to learn the temperature and always cook your dishes at low or medium temperatures. Non-stick pans remain good with low or medium temperatures and provide an outstanding cooking experience.
  • You have to avoid preheating empty non-stick pans because it is not good for that.
  • Do not wash the non-stick pans like other cookware because non-stick cookware or pans can be washed easily with a soft sponge.
  • Always avoid steel wool because it can leave bad imperfections and scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Can I Wash Non-Stick Pans In A Dishwasher?

Instead of facing any problem with your non-stick pans, you should always avoid other washing methods.

2: Can I Get My Non-Stick Pans Shining Back?

Firstly, you have to avoid non-stick pans from any damage. But if it happens and now you want the shining back, then you should search for it. As we provided some amazing ideas and tips to remove scratches from your non-stick pan, you can follow the techniques and fulfill your wish as well.

3: Can I Use A Scratched Non-Stick Pan?

The scratched non-stick pan is risky for use because the coating of the non-stick may flake into your recipe. Hence, you should avoid the use of a scratched non-stick pan.

Final Words


Non-stick cookware or pans are really useful for every recipe and can cook every dish well. Low and medium temperature is required to cook your dishes in non-stick pans.

Many more features and benefits encourage everyone to purchase non-stick cookware. However, the scratches on non-stick pans may degrade their value.

But some intelligent people can solve this problem easily and fix the problems quickly. If you also want to know How to Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan, then you should read this informative article.

Here we have discussed the issues and also provide the simple+amazing methods to fix your scratched non-stick pans at home.

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