Sugar Cookie Recipe | How To Make The Best Sugar Cookies

Here we are going to guide you about sugar cookie recipe and how to make the best sugar cookies at home fast step by step.

It’s, cookie season y’all that time of year, where you’re, making a whole lot of cookies around the holiday season. Is there anything more iconic than Turkey’s? We’re gonna give you our tasty, tested sugar, cookie recipe complete with everything you need to have some darn good sugar cookies, this holiday season, all right.

So let’s get started. So we’re gonna make our dough first Bruni’s, room-temperature softened butter. Listen, that is not melted. Butter, melted butter is not the same and we go. You want a really pale color, so that’s.

Why? We’re using white sugar here, and this is a secret ingredient. I know it. Doesn’t, look like cream cheese, but it is cream cheese, and this is gonna give us a little bit of like a savory flavor and a little bit of tangy anus as well.

What we’re trying to do is cream. The sugar and the butter together. So if you’re feeling a lot of granules when you take your finger in there, that’s, not good. We’re, trying to kind of almost dissolve the sugar and the butter.

So we’re gonna whip these together for about five minutes. They’re gonna be much paler in color. When we’re done it’s, gonna be much fluffier. So, like you’ll, see a vision. Will change that’s just whipping in air to that butter and sugar and then don’t forget, scrape down your bowl to make sure that you are incorporating all the ingredients equally.

So now you can see we have got a really great creamed butter and sugar. We’re good to go at this point. We’re gonna add one egg, two egg yolks and our second secret ingredient is a combo of extracts.

I think, like vanilla is pretty common in movies, but we are gonna add a little bit of almond extract as well. A little bit goes a long way. It’s, a pretty powerful flavor, but it really adds something extra to these sugar cookies and it’s really delicious, like you’re gonna taste, a difference and to that we just want to make sure that all That liquid is well incorporated into the butter and sugar.

So once we have the liquids well incorporated, we’re gonna add a little bit of kosher salt here again, not to make it salty just to be a flavor enhancer and balance out that sweet, and so now we haveĀ got that in there we’re gonna add our all-purpose flour. An X goes in a little bit of baking powder. This ingredient is our third little secret ingredient for this recipe. Cream of tartar cream of tartar is actually what’s left over and the barrel after wine making, and it’s.

Basically like just an acidic ingredient. You’re, adding this, and this is gonna help. With a few things, but didn’t give us like a really cool texture in the end and it’s. Also gonna prevent the cookies from browning too much.

So I’m gonna fold in just to get it started because there’s. A lot of flour in here I don’t want to make a huge mess. So I’m gonna fold to get it started finish, incorporating it with the beaters, because it is a pretty dense mixture.

There’s a little bit of Flowery bits that aren’t fully incorporated that’s, fine again, to have like a really flaky and snappy cookie. You don’t want to overwork this mixture. So you’re kind of like just incorporating the flour you don’t want to go much more than that.

This dough is almost kind of similar to like a pastry where you want to keep it cold all the time there’s a lot of butter in here, so if it gets too greasy it’s. Gon na be really really hard to work with, and you’re.

Not gonna have really clear defined. Shapes dough goes on in some cling film, and then you can use the cling film to kind of like pull the pieces together. It’s, just kind of sticky, so this is a really easy way to not make a huge massive.

So this is gonna go into the fridge and then we will roll it out in about two hours. Here are a few things we might need for rolling out your cookies. You need a rolling pin or a wine bottle, whatever you have at your house and then something to measure that thickness with a ruler or our fourth little trick of this video, which we’ll, get to later.

If you are making a lot of cookies or you’re like an avid Baker, they do have these like kind of cool rubber, rolling, pin thingies I don’t know you call them like a rolling pin, Stoppers guards. Maybe it really makes sure that you get like that perfect quarter-inch, but you have to have like the perfect sized rolling pins and you have to buy them their specialty.

So we’re, going to show you a hack, so the enemy of rolling out anything is sticking to the surface that you’re working on so have a little bit of flour nearby. As you remember, we want to keep our dough super cold, so I’m gonna work in batches.

I’m, going to put half of this back in the fridge and only roll out half at a time all right. So this is the trick that we learned in culinary school. You really want an even quarter-inch all throughout to get the most even thickness.

You want to press down in your gel like this, and it just kind of spreads it before you want to get into rolling every. So often you wanted like a quarter turn and that’s, going to help make sure that you have an even roll as well as to ensure that it’s.

Not sticking to the surface. This isn’t like pie, crust where you really have to be careful about the shape that you’re making or whatever. This is just kind of a free-for-all, some to a good place. I’m, not really sure how thick mine is.

So how do I measure this? You could use a ruler, your not so annoying about this ruler. It’s like. Why does the zero start so far up the ruler? It’s, not so annoying, but how else can you measure bottlecaps? I was looking all over the kitchen for something else that’s 1/4 inch I like to lay these around the dough.

While I’m rolling out just to make sure that all sides are that perfect quarter inch, the other thing too is pour out that extra bench flour and that’s. What we’re, going to use to flour our cutters to make sure the cutters aren’t sticking too much to the dough so dip.

The cutter all the way in flour dip off the excess and then go ahead and then just give it a little like Josh a little shimmy to make sure that you have totally made contact with the surface in the bottom.

And if you have enough cutters, what I like to do is go ahead and put all the cutters down and leave them and not make sure that nothing’s pulling or tugging, and you get a really clean shape. Every time and now you can start pulling them out.

Sometimes the cookie comes with the cutter and sometimes it doesn’t. So I like to kind of move around pull off the excess. Put it off to one side: save that dough, because you didn’t use that again just be careful.

But you’re, not like pulling or tugging and everything, because you really want the shape to be really clean and then look at that. So you can definitely reuse these scraps. What you want to do is get them back into like a cohesive dough.

Ball and then put them back in the fridge. They’re, really warm after all, that rolling and working with them so get the cold one out of the fridge and put that one back in there for another like 20 minutes or so so they confirm back up and there we go.

If you have some shapes that are smaller than the other ones, I would put those off to the side so that, if you need to pull them early, you can so that they don’t over bake. Okay, put these guys in the fridge you put them in the oven.

Now they’re gonna spread away too much. They’re. Not gonna have a clean shape. They will come out super clean super crisp, as you can tell. They’re, still very pale, and they haven’t, spread that much yay go ahead and take them off and let them cool completely on a drying rack time to decorate.

So we chose real icing because it sets a little bit harder if you’re gonna be really crazy with decorating royal icing is definitely the way to go. So, despite its royal name, a royal icing is pretty simple.

So all you really need is some sifted powdered sugar. You might need a little bit of water, a bit of salt, an extract. If you’d, like it and egg, what’s? The thing about this is that we will be consuming this, so you really want to make sure that you’re buying pasteurized egg whites, so they’re safe for everyone to enjoy, or you can use meringue powder, which is an egg White substitute we might need water, it kind of depends on what we’re going for, but first we’re, gonna add salt and a little bit vanilla for flavor.

I’m gonna put this off to the side. So all the liquids we’re gonna put on one side of the powdered sugar and I’ll – show you why, in a second make sure to shake those egg whites ahead of time and they go again making sure that they’re on one side of the bowl, and so now we’re, going to just work in that one part of the bowl and just slowly incorporate more on the powder sugar.

As I go, that’s. Gon na help make sure that I have a really smooth icing. You’re, trying to incorporate all that powdered sugar at once. It just look a little bit harder to work with, and also you probably will get.

Some lumps royal icing is all about consistency so, depending on how you want to decorate yours, it’s kind of like two consistencies that you’re going for there’s, a thicker consistency for more of like lining things Out or like borders of things and then there’s, a flood which is gonna, be just a thinned out version and that water is gonna, come in handy when we’re.

Looking for that flood consistency, so we’re, starting here with a thicker royal icing. We’re, also gonna add coloring to this, which will thin it out a little bit too so err on the side of thicker when you’re getting started.

So we’re gonna separate the icing into a few different bowls. If you are gonna be doing a lot of decorating or using a lot of different colors. It’s, probably worth it to double or even triple this recipe go ahead and put in your gel food colorings to get really really bright.

Colors the thing that’s cool about royal icing. Is it sets right, so it’ll set kind of hard, even in this time, what we’re trying to get everything set up. You can already see a little bit this kind of skin that forms on top.

So you do want to work a little bit quickly with royal icing or else cover it with cling film and then just to fix it just add a little bit of water and stir. So now we can do one of two things with this flood consistency, flooding or dipping.

Let’s, go ahead and put the cookie dip it in the icing make sure it’s really well coated, knock off any excess and then couldn’t kind of settle into the cookie and be a really smooth and Even shape and then the flood, what you got to do you want like a thicker frosting in a piping and then go ahead and just trace the outside, with whatever color that you’re doing, and then you want to let this heart in that.

For a little bit before you go to the next step, the ones it is hard all you need to do is take that thinned out icing and you can either spoon it in like I’m doing, or you can also put it in a Piping bag and pipe it in and then use the toothpick to spread it out evenly that bit that you piped in the beginning is dried, so it kind of acts as like a wall or a border to ensure that all of that icing is staying inside.

If you’re gonna put sprinkles on it, go ahead and put the sprinkles on when it’s wet. But if you want to decorate over that go ahead and let that set for a good like 10, 15 minutes or so and then you can continue decorating on top of it.

So it kinda pens. What look you’re going for and, as you can see like, these dots are kind of settling on top of it and not really falling into that flood. And then, if you want to decorate anymore or put any other like toppings, on top of it, you’re gonna have to layer more icing on just to make sure that they stick there’s like something magical about this baking Cookies, it’s kind of like what gets you ready for the holidays.

Right, like you know it’s, the holiday season, when it’s, time to bake the Chur cookies and it’s time to decorate them. And you know people really appreciate the time and effort that goes into like a home, decorated, cookie and like there’s, a little tea, a professional.

No, but that’s. Not the point you know. The point is that you took the time you did it you put in your love and care there’s like no better way to bond with your friends and family, then doing something tangible, DIY and creative like this go make some send us your Photos have you ever seen a cuter cookie cutter and oh, my god, I can’t say that three times fast, cuter Cuddy cooker i cute have you ever seen a cuter cookie cutter in your life.

I can it’s, so cute.

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