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Here we are going to guide you about pork chop recipes with sweet and sour peppers which you can make at home step by step.

Pan on get that nice and hot, you think of the sort of density of a pork chop, how it needs a little bit of help sweet, sound peppers, don’t burn any well. First, slice: the peppers that’s, the flat side of the pepper, so stand it up.

Try to slice a pepper on the side is a nightmare. There’s, the center start off it’s almost like sort of peeling. An orange go all the way around and down, and look that’s. One now place the pepper down three finger rule.

One thing you’re in front to behind pinkie, hold it down, thumb, hold a nice and flat the flat of the vegetables. The more confident you are when you slice, so don’t worry about the speed. Just let the knife do.

The work and take your time, speed comes. The most important thing is to get your technique right: red onion, now: sweet sour peppers, olive oil in I’m, going to sew to them, which is just the chef’s term for shallow, fried on a high heat for maximum taste.

Salt and pepper, add a tablespoon of sugar. Sugar helps to break down the peppers quicker, but can loads of the onions find them in a frying. Pan perfect there’s, one of those sort of basic essential tools of any kitchen, because it’s, so multi-purpose great for so tang.

Tossing great for cooking fish and meat, push away and pull back push away and put back that hissing there’s, something you need to hear constantly, because the minute that’s gone your peppers and your onions start to boil, and you Really want me to start it.

You now start to see you listening the way that it’s, time to camera eyes, Sugar’s working! You sleep! That’s; ready pour the red wine vinegar in smells incredible. It helps to stain the peppers as well look at the glaze.

Now you see the sugar worked his magic turn down the gas and add a couple of tablespoons of fresh extra-virgin olive oil. Let them stew for two to three minutes now want to make the peppers, nice and light and sort of sweet aromatic just roll.

The basil, almost like a big cigar slice basil in and then literally cook it out thirty seconds and one ham off beautiful. Okay turn back on now for pork chops, I’ll, make sure they don’t curl up in the pan.

They start coming up in the pan. We’re gonna cook unevenly. A few simple cuts through the Rhine means the chop stays flat and cooks evenly. Point the knife down flip through this seasonal beautifully nice large shards of pepper, punch that through lightly guarantee that seasoning is gonna stay there, hot pan, Dutch, garlic and such a time.

The garlic take a couple of clothes, don’t peel, it don’t chop, it just knife on crush it, olive all in just startin, to smoke top of the chop in lay away from nice. Keep that heat in the pan, the garlic in there early and I sprang a bunch of thyme – see how the pork is staying nice and flat turn that over.

I’m underneath there start squeezing that garlic out, I want the flavor coming out butter in thin slices of butter tilt the pan and base. So I’m sort of speeding up the cooking process. At the same time, I’m, keeping the pork chop really nice and moist, and now look at the color that butter it’s.

Almost a sort of a nut-brown get the coloring oversized useful when that thick between a half to four minutes each size 30. Second, from now, they’re gonna be medium, so I’m, going to take them out and let them rest the secret to perfectly moist.

Pork chops is letting them rest almost as long as they’re cooked in the pan. A nice spoon of these peppers, the basil smells incredible, did that garlic on there be generous without vinegar out from the pepper, because it really is incredible.

Do two things simple like that: pork and peppers and your conference is going to shoot through the roof, a stunning pork chop with sweets, our peppers. Now the secret to whisking is a big, beautiful, balloon whisk, the bigger the blue that needs sliding down juicy and in Crete, ender

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Here we are going to guide you about pork chop recipes