Chicken Breast Recipes | 3 Ways To Cook The Juiciest Chicken Breast Ever

Here we are going to share with you chicken breast recipes easy to make at home fast step by step. Must see.

Hey what is up flav city family, it’s bobby and welcome to the first ever bobby’s, kitchen basics. Today we’re, going to cover all things: chicken breast. I’m, going to show you how to make the ultimate juicy delicious chicken breast and i’m, going to show you what you guys are doing wrong because i’ve, seen plenty of bad techniques out there.

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All right in front of me. As you can see, i have two chicken breasts. One of these things is not like the other, and this is the one right here look at this big fat honker of a chicken breast. You cannot cook this thing evenly.

It’s too fat. It’s too irregular, and if i compare that to this little guy here, this one is organic. It hasn’t been pumped full of hormones, and i don’t call it the incredible hulk of chicken breast and it’s, much easier to cook evenly without overcooking.

So if you don’t mind spending a little more money, ditch the traditional one that’s pumped full of hormones. It just is go for the organic one because it has a lot more flavor and the texture is better.

But if you look on the back side, it still has this chicken tender right here. So the first thing we’re going to do is grab a cutting board. We’re, going to cut that tender away. That way, it cooks more evenly so go ahead and slice off the chicken tender save this for later, because that piece is really juicy and tender and then to flatten out the chicken breast and make it more manageable to cook.

I’m gonna put a layer of plastic, wrap down over a cutting board, lay down the chicken breast and then put another layer of plastic wrap on top. Now you could use a meat mallet to pound this thin, but i’m guessing most you guys, don’t.

Have that so a rolling pin will do the job just fine. The goal here is to pound down and out you don’t want to pound just down, because you can tear a hole in the chicken breast by pounding, the chicken breast thinner.

It’s, going to cook quicker and more evenly and that’s. Really the only way you can make a juicy, not overcooked chicken breast. All right that looks good. Take a look at the chicken breast see it kind of is missing that hump now right it’s more even and it’s going to cook a lot more evenly.

So that is perfect. Now chicken needs love in the flavored apartment. So season it with a generous pinch of salt and a few cracks of pepper and do that on both sides. I know you think it looks like a little too much salt, but trust me.

It’ll, make the chicken breast taste more chickeny. If that makes sense to you all right before i talk about the kind of pan, i’m using one of the most common mistakes people make when cooking chicken breast is cooking cold chicken breast out of the fridge.

If you put a cold chicken breast into a hot pan or a hot oven, it’s going to cook unevenly and it’s going to be tough. Think about it. You’re, going to lower the temperature of the pan, and you’re, not going to get that crust on the chicken and it’s going to cook unevenly so allow this to sit at room temperature for 20 minutes.

If you put a spice rub on there, some kind of marinade that 20 minutes is a great time for that marinade to really go to work. Another thing i want to talk about is the pan. I’m using cast iron right.

It’s like americana, even though this is a french one, but you will get the best sear the best crust on your chicken. If you use hot cast iron, can you use nonstick? Of course you? Can it’s just not going to have quite as beautiful as a crust as the cast iron? Now i will put links down below in the description box for the ones i use, but regardless you have to preheat your pan for two minutes over medium high heat.

You really have to give it a time for the temperature to come up. Then once i drizzle the oil into the pan, i’m going to use about two teaspoons of olive oil. You can also use avocado oil, grapeseed oil and once that oil goes in the pan, swirl the pan, so the oil coats it completely and then give it 30 seconds.

I want that oil to heat up hot pan, hot oil, hot crusty, chicken – that’s. What we want all right once the oil starts to shimmer a little bit like that, go in with the chicken breast and that’s. What you want to hear you want it to sizzle and start cooking immediately tip number two that people always do wrong: they start to poke and prod the chicken as soon as it goes in the pan.

If you do that, you’re gonna ruin the sear on the chicken, so just leave it alone. Let it do its thing for four minutes, and the crust is gonna. Be ridiculous after four minutes take a look at the side of the chicken breast see how it’s kind of white and kind of opaque in color.

It pretty much means it’s. Halfway done so let’s flip the chicken. Oh yes did. I not tell you guys that golden brown crust is just so darn tasty and remember. We’re only gonna flip it once so. That was four minutes.

On the first side, we’re gonna do three minutes on the second side, if you poke the chicken you can kind of tell when it’s done right. It’s firm, but has a little give left, and then i’m going to take it out of the pan.

But look at that you guys come on. Both sides are golden and sizzly and then move it to a clean platter. All right, this brings us to another chicken tip that you guys might be doing wrong when chicken comes out of the pan.

It has to rest for five minutes before you cut into it. Why well think about it? It just came out of a hot pan. The juices inside of this chicken right now are boiling. If i cut into this chicken, the juices are gonna run out and it’s.

Gon na go dry, chicken breast already tends to be dry and has no fat. So you’re, not doing it a disservice or you’re, doing it a disservice by cutting it. So let it rest for five minutes. It will not get cold.

If you want to cover it with plastic, wrap you can in the meantime, you may have seen me using the splatter guard, while cooking oil splatters out of the pan all the time. I use these in all my videos.

It helps with the cleanup to make it a lot easier. If you don’t have one, i highly recommend it check it out in the description box below all right. Let’s, slice up that chicken breast! Oh! This is perfect.

It’s, so juicy the knife goes through it so easily, and look at that have you ever seen such a juicy chicken breast it’s moist it’s perfectly cooked, and that is not overcooked at all. My friends all right.

Finally, that is what a chicken breast should be gone are the days of dry overcooked chicken it’s seasoned perfectly and that crust on there have you had a chicken breast that juicy before see. This is been a while not for a long time.

Okay, maybe mom used to make something like that right now, if you’re wondering how to know when it & # 39. S done i & # 39. Ll show you with the oven technique. How to use a probe thermometer, but i have so many healthy meal.

Prep recipes featuring chicken breast. You can check out my creamy chicken and mushroom meal prep, my fennel spiced chicken breast with creamed spinach. I have a chicken stir-fry with marinated chicken, breast and low-carb veggie and noodle salad.

I also have spiced crusted chicken breast with a wild rice, superfood veggie salad. I have so many options. To hook you up you better hurry up before brandon eats all of it all right. Next up, we’re, going to do the oven, baked technique for a perfect chicken breast.

I’m preheating, the oven to 450 degrees drizzle over some olive oil on the chicken breast, rub it around on both sides and then once again give it a nice liberal pinch of salt and then for some additional flavor.

I’m gonna sprinkle over some smoked, paprika and some cumin powder and then rub that around help it kind of create a nice crust over the chicken flip it over and then do a little more salt. Some smoked paprika and some cumin give it one more swedish, massage and then transfer that to the oven for 15 minutes all right now things get a little trickier in the oven, because i can’t really press it like.

I did in the pan and i don’t want to overcook the chicken. So a lot of recipes, i see online, say cook chicken breast to 165 degrees. Well, yeah go ahead and do that if you want dry overcooked chicken breast, the final temperature of chicken should be 160, which means you should pull it from the oven, the pan, the poaching liquid at 155 degrees, because there’s, something called carry over Heat the juices are boiling inside, like i said before, when you take it out of the oven or the pan, it keeps cooking another five degrees.

So if you pull it at 160 or 165, it’s gonna overcook. How do i know what 155 is invest 12 in a probe thermometer? I’m, going to stick this in the chicken in the oven after about 13 to 14 minutes and pull it when it exactly gets to 155.

So, after about 10 minutes, let’s, go into the oven and insert that probe thermometer into the deepest part of the chicken breast and then close. The oven back up attach the probe to the housing and then see what it does.

It has. The internal temperature on the left hand, side and i have the target temperature on the right hand side. So i’ll set a alarm and it’ll. Tell me exactly when it hits 155. all right now, so it’s 155.

It’s gonna carry over to 160, but leave that probe thermometer in there. Because what happens we just made a hole in there. Juices inside are boiling once again, all the juices will come out through that little hole.

It’ll, be like the uh old, faithful, geyser of chicken breast so plug it back in. Let it rest for three to five minutes and you can see in the meantime, the temperature will carry over to like 160ish 165 good to go.

Let’s, remove the probe thermometer and then slice up that chicken breast. Oh man, the knife is going through it like a hot knife through butter and look at that. The chicken is perfectly juicy it’s, not overcooked, and the juices are just streaming out of that so beautifully.

All right we got ta eat, cheers, oh sure, sorry, listen! You! Don’t, have the hard sear you don’t have the crust from the pan, which i love, but for an oven, baked chicken. It’s about as juicy as they get those spices like the smoked paprika and the cumin they’re banging on top.

You have to give this a little love in the flavor department, but it’s perfectly cooked. Now. The last method is poached. Brandon is not too familiar with poach right, not at all. This will be probably my mic yup.

This will be my first time. Okay. Well, it’s, the trickiest one, because it’s, the easiest one to overcook the chicken. The key is to do it very gently in a very flavorful cooking liquid. So should we do that yeah? Let’s.

Do it? Do it all right to make a juicy poached chicken breast? I have a pan of cold water here you have to start with cold water because you want the chicken breast to cook evenly from the outside to the inside.

So i’m gonna flavor, this water, with a ton of delicious ingredients like fresh sage, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, a few lemon slices, a couple cloves of smashed garlic, a teaspoon of black peppercorns and one bay leaf and a teaspoon of kosher salt And then go ahead and add your chicken breasts, whack the heat onto medium high, bring the water to just a simmer and then right away, lower it to kind of medium low heat.

All right. If you’re boiling, this mixture, you’re, going to overcook the chicken. If you’re simmering, the mixture you’re, going to overcook the chicken the poach is so gentle it’s. A very very delicate technique, and you want to keep it nice and low without bubbles that way the inside of the chicken cooks roughly at the same time as the outside.

So if you don & # 39, t monitor your heat, it’s, going to be tough, so keep an eye on that for about 10 minutes after 10 minutes, let’s, get the chicken breast out of the poaching liquid and if You want to be 100 sure they’re done just stick that probe thermometer in the deepest part of the chicken and then let them rest once again.

Five minutes go ahead and slice it up. These are beautiful, really really juicy and perfectly cooked and all those yummy aromatic flavors going right into the chicken all right. Let’s. Try this poached chicken out brandon’s, a little scared of the white meat chicken here! Look it’s, not that i’m scared.

It’s that i’m scared and no offense. I like seasoning, so you have to confront your fears head on here. Yeah i mean here we go. I guess no [ __ ] pills chicken. This poached chicken is perfect for a chicken salad, never buy rotisserie chicken from the store it’s pumped with chemicals and msg, and really bad stuff poach your own chicken or roast your own chicken.

I have a curry chicken, salad recipe. I have a keto chicken salad recipe. I have oven roasted chicken salad recipe. Now this is, to be honest. The least favorite of my three preparations it doesn’t have the crust it doesn’t.

Have the seasoning it doesn’t have that, like that crusty crust on there, but either way you guys now have the knowledge to make the perfect juicy chicken breast three ways: never ever overcook a chicken breast, because you have the tools and techniques to Do it we kind of demystified some popular things that people do wrong with them um? So all the recipes and techniques are down below in the description box.

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