4 EASY Air Fryer Recipes for beginners!

Here we are going to show you air fryer recipesĀ  and 4 EASY Air Fryer Recipes for beginners! which you can make at home fast and easy.

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Today I’m, going to bring you four air fryer recipes that are super easy. They’re on my blog, and I want to demonstrate this airf ryer here and how, even though it takes up quite a bit of counter space, I’m, not gonna lie.

It really does a good job, getting things really crispy and delicious. The four recipes that we’re gonna work on our bacon, Brussels sprouts, chicken wings and chicken breasts. So let’s get started. Okay.

I’m gonna use four slices of bacon, and I’m gonna cut them in half on the cutting board. So here’s. The air fryer that I have it is a 5.7 quart which is a pretty large air fryer. You take out the drawer like this, and then we’re, going to lay the bacon inside of the air fryer just like that.

It all fits – and you want it to be a single layer like that, so that they get evenly cooked. So we’re gonna put this back in so we’re gonna set the temperature for 350 degrees and they’re gonna cook for about nine minutes.

But we’re gonna check them a couple of times just to make sure they’re, not getting too overdone that’s. All there is to it. So our air fryer bacon, is all ready and let’s, pull it out, If you wanted it a little crispy or you could leave it in for probably just one more minute, but I like it like this.

That’s; all there is to it, and next up, we’re, going to make air fryer chicken wings. Okay, we’re gonna get started on the chicken wings. I’m gonna put them in the air fryer basket and then I’m going to season them with salt and pepper.

Okay, as you can see, I’ve got these all in a single layer and they’re kind of snug in there, which is fine because they’re, going to shrink as they cook. So I put in about 12 chicken wings fit in my air fryer basket, and now we’re, going to cook them for 25 minutes at 380 degrees.

What that’s going to do is gonna really get them cooked, and then we’re, going to bump up the temperature and we’re gonna get them crispy. Okay, the first cook on our wings is done, and now we are gonna put it back in the air fryer at 400 degrees for about three to five minutes to get them nice and crispy, and with this recipe and most air fryer recipes whenever you’re cooking things for longer than I would say.

Five minutes you’re, going to want to pull the basket out and shake what’s inside to make sure that it gets evenly cooked, and I like to do that about every five minutes. Okay, our wings are done. Look at how good they look in there, nice and crispy.

This took about three minutes. I didn’t have to do the full five minutes for these. So now let’s. Get to the herb chicken breast. We have got two chicken breasts here. We’ve, got butter, Italian, seasoning, salt and pepper and smoked paprika.

So we’re, going to mix all of that into the butter give it a quick mix. It Enix and now we have got our two chicken breasts here and we’re gonna spread the mixture over each chicken breast to give it a nice flavorful crust, and now we’re gonna put these in the air fryer with some tongs.

Okay, we’re ready to cook these in the air fryer. We’re gonna cook them at 370 degrees for about 10 to 15 minutes, and we’re gonna check it with a meat thermometer to make sure that they’re perfectly cooked because we don’T want them to be overcooked, then they’ll be dry and we definitely don’t want them to be undercooked.

Okay, we pulled our chicken out of the air fryer. We had one chicken breast that was smaller, so it came out a little bit earlier and now we have this one, that’s ready and it’s right on the money at 165.

So we know that our chickens not going to be dry. Okay, let’s cut into one of these. Those are perfectly cooked and juicy. Okay. Next on our list is air fryer, crispy, Brussels sprouts. Okay, let’s, get started with these Brussels sprouts.

Now, on my blog, I have a recipe for these air fryer. Brussels sprouts that uses fresh Brussels sprouts and I’m, going to do a little bit of an experiment and see if frozen will work. I’m, not very confident.

We’re gonna see if this is gonna. How this is gonna work, so I have got a bag of frozen Brussels sprouts and actually they’re still broke. I’m gonna season them with some salt and some pepper shake them up, and now I’m gonna cook these at 400 or I’m gonna start with 10 minutes.

Okay, let’s, see how it goes. Okay, let’s, see how our Brussels sprouts did. I think I think you’re going to be surprised because I know I was look at that they’re. Crispy. Can you believe that this I think these are better than fresh use frozen? If you want to make air fryer Brussels sprouts, because the fresh ones they take forever to get soft on the inside, you got to cut them into quarters.

You’ve got to trim the leaves off these. They’re frozen. I just threw them in the air fryer for 15 minutes and they’re good to go mmm. Oh, my gosh, okay, a few notes on the type of air fryer that I have because there’s, a lot out there.

There’s, some that are over $ 300, and this one was less than a hundred and I’ll link to that one in the description below, but it’s less than a hundred dollars. I didn’t want to you, know splurge on the expensive one immediately, because I was like what if I don’t even use this thing.

I want to know that I’m gonna use it first, so I bought this less than $ 100 won. And now, if i I don’t even want you know, I don’t even need the over $ 300 won. This one is perfectly fine. It’s, big, it cooks a lot and it works just as good.

If not better than the more expensive models, but if you liked this video, if you like these recipes, all of the recipes will be in the description below they’ll, be linked to my blog jennifer band’s.

Calm! If there’s, any other air fryer recipes that you guys are looking for just comment down below which ones you looking for, and maybe I’ll – do a video next time.

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